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Hey, just thought I'd update...appointment tomorrow at 8:55 a.m. (what a weird time - huh?) I'll let y'all know what the Dr. says.

To be honest I'm a bit nervous. I had amputation dreams this week. Yikes! At least it won't be THAT bad, LOL!
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Maybe part of you is just wishing you could get rid of the thing and be done with?
Dream moods site says:
"To dream that your limbs are amputated, signifies abandoned talents and serious, permanent loss. It indicates your feelings of frustration, powerlessness and helplessness.� Sometimes amputation may also represent a situation that you have been ignoring and has finally reached a crisis point. In particular, to dream that your arms are amputated, suggests that you lack motivation. Dreaming that you legs are amputated suggests that you are limited in movements and where you want to go in life."

kind of makes sense

I hope your doctor is able to help. Good luck tomorrow!
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Ohhhhh you must be feeling dreadful. But I'm pleased that you've gone and had some investigations done.

I'm thinking they told you 8.55 because your appointment's really at 9.00 but they want you not to be late! That can throw a whole clinic out.

As far as your hip is concerned, yes, current best practice suggests that arthroplasty (total joint replacement) should not be performed on people under the age of 70.

BUT, I think that there are always exceptions to every rule and that occasionally when there is no other option they will undertake arthroplastic surgery at younger ages than this.

Good luck, best wishes with it all - please post again with updates after you've been tomorrow
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post

Rereading that now... there was an original injury that could have set things off, have you or a doctor ever considered a chronic pain disorder? It would be something that would be diagnosed only by ruling out all other possibilities. I know what you mean about being young and feeling awful, I'm only 23 and some days I feel like an old woman, what will it be like in 10-20 years?
Y, there was an initial injury I developed due to running too far too often. I stopped too little too late. It went away for a couple of years while playing tennis and resting. Now it is back all the time. I have considered a chronic disorder.

Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
To me - your pain sounds like this:

It's so hard with overuse injuries because they can come back so easily. In addition, thyroid problems can make complete muscle/tendon healing very difficult.
Thanks for the link! I printed it out! I think the orthopedic surgeon had suggested it might be that.
I am seeing my physical medicine doctor again this friday. He put me on pamelor which is an antidepressant, but they use these types of medications at LOW doses to try to relax the nerve. It has helped, if I excercise, I am not sore the next day(or very little), but it is still there. So I will see what he wants to do. I believe that I already had thyroid testing done, but want to check for autoimmunity and possible arthritis.
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I get a new hip!!!

Well, actually it's called a resurfacing. I have no cartlidge in my hip socket anymore and it is down to bone on bone. They will line the socket with a false socket, and cap my femur with a ball, but I get to keep the femoral head.

I had no idea I was so bad until they told me I could get it fixed. I cried.
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Hi kluchetta, I didn't read this whole thread but after reading your first post I wanted to reply. I can see some of myself in your message. I strongly dislike going to the Doc for myself. Over the years I have had doctors make me feel like I shouldn't be in their office and that nothing was physically wrong with me...even though there was. I found a GP that I really liked. With my back he sent me to another Doc (sports medicine). This go round was with a huge disc herniation. The mri and tests I had done did not show it and every time I went in he would say to me. You shouldn't be feeling the pain you are describing. I was treated like I was after drugs and they didn't want to give me anything to handle the pain.

In fact the large mass of disk material was on my siatic nerve root. The pain got so bad I could not sleep or even function in my life, even on pain meds. A new doc (neurologist) put me on over a dozen drugs at once with no help. They messed me up more. I ended up checking myself into the hospital thru the ER. I told the ER doc I would not leave until someone figured out what was wrong with me. My GP came and he set up a series of MRIs that were different and he found the heriation. After three months of escalating pain, I had surgery within a few hours.

I learned from this that you are your best advocate. If you don't like the Doc and how he treats you go to another one. You have a right to medical treatment and the best quality of life possible.

I know this is easier said then done. The "practice" part of "medical practice" is unnerving. I have daily pain from scaring that causes nerve impingment. I should talk to a doc again but we moved across the country and I don't know anyone here. For now I am dealing with it. I can function. My cats help me tremendously. You sound like you are losing function so its time to set aside your emotional discomfort and start a journey to finding the right help for you and improving your quality of life..
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
I get a new hip!!!
I'm so glad they're able to help! Keep us all updated for when you have to go in for surgery and such.
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I am saying prayers that all goes good and soon you'll be back in the swing of things.
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I am so pleased that you will get a new hip..woo-hoo!
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