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My babies

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I'm new to the site so here is a pic of my 2 oriental kittens - Ripley (left) and Freddie. It's Rips in the second pic!

They are bigger than this now, but just as gorgeous!
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Oh my word, look at those gorgeous little muffins!!
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Oooooooh they look so much like my Sonic! Do they talk a lot? Sonic never stops Very cute
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Yes very noisy!! Even more so at the moment, as they are having some 'issues' (that I have posted about under Behaviour!)

Here's a pic of the way they look now (a year and a half old).
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AWWWW, how cute they are! I would love to kss their little faces.
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What darling little guys! They make me want to coo baby words and gibberish at them!!
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Oh they really are gorgeous! I hope my boy will be that handsome when he grows up! You can't really tell from my signature pic because in that photo the light gave Sonic a sort of brownish tint to his fur, but they are the same colour as he is, I really feel as if I might be looking at the grown up Sonic of the future when I see your two beauties!
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I just ran into the bedroom as from one of those pictures I could have sworn the OP had stolen Sonic

They are both gorgeous and I can only hope they are better behaved than Sonic
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Wow! They're gorgeous! Great pictures of them too!
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awww............. what a couple of darlings they are such a special pair hope they settle down soon
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how gorgeous are they??!! I just love the Oriental look
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aww they are sooooo cute!!!! I cant wait to see more pics!!!
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silentNate, I saw another picture of you and Sonic and swore you had stolen my Ripley!!!

I think Oriental Blues are the most gorgeous breed and colour - not that I'm biased, of course!!

Here is a pic of the sleepy babies.
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They are Darling look like 2 peas in a pod
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o my they are such cuties I and I really love that pic of them cuddeling it is just tooo cute
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Those are beautiful babies! I love their shiny coats. Too cute
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Here's a few more pics that I took recently!
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They are both just precious!

What cute faces they have. I just love the big ears.
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Beautiful! I love orientals, I used to have several of them 15-20 years ago.
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I've been trying to find one of where they sleep - here it is. They are way too big to both be lying in here, but they do anyway! The cat tree will collapse one day.
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Oh my goodness, look at those pretty babies..Thanks for sharing your pics of them..
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Your babies are gorgeous. That is the first time i have ever seen orientals.. They are Gorgeous! they have beautiful coats and their muscle tone is gorgeous.
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