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Saturday DT

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I just had to share this!!!

My closet door was just delivered (excited yet???) Okay, it's probably just me but....we have been waiting for it for close to one month. Which means.....our bedroom is going to finally be completed! Yay! It's a three door (sliding) mirrored closet. The downfall: I will have a full length body view of myself every day. But......can't wait to see this room finally completed!

It's raining and dreary here. I have done nothing but clean and chat here all day. Don't have anything planned for tonight either.

Hope you all had a great day!
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Don't know what you normally do on weekends, Ghyslaine, but is that getting rest? How're ya feeling?

We slept in late (Yay!), I cleaned up (more work than you'd think for such a small space), been popping in and out of here the better part of the rest of the day while working on the presentation for Judi (lady in Amarillo). Christy and I need help with names for our Org! PLEASE help - I saw she posted our dilemna in - and we mean it! We need help with ideas: Suggestions Needed from TCS Members

We're having lobster pasta for dinner - yummy!

I'm feeling 100% better. Gyslaine - looking forward to the day when you can say that too!

...and have a nice rest of your weekend, too!!!!
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Ghyslaine! You should post some pictures of your new room!!!!

Glad you are feeling better, Laurie!!!

Not much going on today, in my corner of the world. Just doing some laundry, Amber is napping, hubby is gone, I am bored. Glad to be home and not at work today!!!

Noticed Merlin was sneezing a few times this morning...will have to keep an eye on that.

The kids (stepkids) are coming tonight, looking forward to that.
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It's been a quiet day around here too. Haven't even changed out of my pajamas. Parents came by for a bit, said hi. I've been working on a puzzle on the living room table (with the help of 2 kittens, stealing pieces) and listening to audiobooks.
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Worked 10 hours, today and I am BEAT! Bill is taking me out to dinner. I'm going to try to stay up, tonight - Sen. John McCain is hosting Saturday Night Live. I'm curious to see what they have him doing. Of course, they skewer ALL politicians, equally. At least, I don't have to work, tomorrow.

Wednesday is my parents' anniversary - 33 years! Mom told my dad that she wants to go to Red Lobster, for dinner. I got them a $25 Red Lobster gift card. That should help them out!

Mark dropped in, last night. I gave him the Dalmatian baby outfit. He loves it. Haven't heard from Sam, yet.

Have a good weekend.
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If I can stay awake, I'll have to check out SNL, too! Thanks for the heads up on that! Sounds like a good one!

I love Red Lobster, but I never get to eat there, because Brent hates it! He's not big on seafood, although he will eat shrimp once in awhile. (and fish as long as it is from Long John Silvers, but that's the only time)
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