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Cool artsy workshop ideas

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SillyJilly posted a thread recently about a pottery painting workshop. It inspired me to start a thread about fun workshops that TCS members have done (or thought of doing) in the past. I'm always up for ideas of new workshops to do, as I find doing classes to be such a healthy past time/hobby.

Here are some I've done when I got the chance over the years.

Silver jewellry casting
Beading jewellry
Glass blowing
Figure drawing
Mixed-media art at the city's art gallery
Belly dancing
B&W photography development
Neighbourhood historical walks
Scuba diving
Tissue lantern making for a winter solstice light festival
Jive and Ballroom dancing

I've never regretted spending a little extra money on this stuff. I loved all of it. I've got some great deals on classes either through the universities or the local community centres. It's amazing what you can find to do that is somewhat reasonable.

Friends of mine have done local clown workshops, drama and writing workshops that they absolutley loved. I haven't done these, but would consider if time allows. Another one friends have done is a book club, where a group gets together once a month to discuss a book or a film. All this stuff keeps your brain oiled and healthy, I think.
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I would LOVE to take a flower arranging class! I buy a pretty bouquet and bring it home...by the time I'm done with it, it looks like a bunch of sticks in a vase. I'm just not artistic at all.
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I'm boring! I have only been to a scrapbooking workshop!
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I'm currently in 2 book clubs. Last year I took an interior design class and went skydiving! I'd love to do more if I had the time! I guess I should make the time though.
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