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Kitten love....

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ok so i took this little man for one nite while my co-workers debated over who would take him home for good. He was thrown into the door of our work (24 hour vets office) and left there. He was named Monty

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Awww, what a cutie!
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Sounds like Monty got a raw deal.
I hope he gets the loving home he deserves. He looks like a real sweety!
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What kind of person would do such a thing?

He's a little doll, though, destined for a better life.
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He's a sweetie!!!!!

I hope he gets a wonderfful home!

Maybe you should keep him? He looks perfectly happy in those pictures, hehe
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I wish i could have kept him, my co-worker ended up with him. as You can see i got a good amount of pets, my neice who lives with me has a few more..... yea our house is full.... 8 ppl also live there =\\ we should kick some of the ppl out and get more pets !!!!!!! lol
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What a cute little bunny!
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o my what a cutie, and look at all that kitten love
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What a little treasure! They obviously had no guts to walk in personally and hand him over
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What a cutie..At least they placed him in a place that they obviously knew he would be taken care of, and didn't use "other" means to dispose of this beautiful baby..
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What a angel
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He is just precious!
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Awww.... the little squirt is just adorable!
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