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Coming back

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I was here a few yrs back but then got caught up in life again with school and fam so now im back, i got a new cat since then his name is Nick and i adpoted him from my work, he was a blood donner and drools everywhere when hes loved on.

I was also chosen by a rat, or maybe the rat was chosen by my snake seeing as how she refused to eat it. (i know i hate feeding live but she wont eat anything else =\\) Mishif quickly became friends with not only my snake but also my Cat Gizmo who believes the world is full of nothing but new friends. Mishif live to be a yr old which was suprising because she was inbred.

I also still have Gizmo and Loki who are bothers and almost always right near eachother. Loki gets frustrated with his brother at times but is very good at putting up with him. Gizmo has recovered wonderfully from his car accident and when i move out shortly will become indoor only, but for now he is still able to climb trees and chase squrels with his 3 legs.

Mazart and Oddball are getting on in yrs turning 10 or 11 this yr they are slowing down and sleep most the time but if some1 pics on the little ones the big boys are out there standing up for them and taking names. When the mood strikes they will still come home giving gifts to their humans....
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hello and welcome back to you and all your critters

Gizmo sounds such a sweetie and still able to chase squirrles thats wonderful Your other kits sound such peaches I cant wait to see some photos as you know we just love photos here

Well glad you dropped back in - enjoy catching up
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Since you are not a total newbie here share the pictures remember there is another thread for the other pets. We want to see them also
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Welcome Back!!!!
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Hi welcome back to TCS, as u might now this is such a great site Be sure to show us pictures of ur crew, we just pics here !! Well see u on the forums, and stick around ! Once again welcome back, we are glad to have u back with us
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Welcome back!
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS!..
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!.....)

See you on the forums!
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Welcome to you and your big family!

Sounds like a wonderful family and as you can see, we love big families here. All 9 of us are indoor-only (so we're SAFE!), rescued, and spayed/neutered, of course. There's a Nick here, too, as you can see -- Nicolas, who's almost 17 and the eldest of the family. Thanks for sharing stories and pix of your family and most of all, for loving them and caring for them well! We look forward to seeing you on the forums and hope you'll enjoy it here.
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