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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to figure out if this was a fluke thing or if I should call the vet. Daisy was up on the counter this morning and Brent patted her (gently) on the rear, under her tail, to shoo her off. Well, right as he did that and she started to jump down, she squirt a little something out of her rear. It smelled pretty bad. She hasn't been acting sick though, and she hasn't expressed any "special" interest in her behind. Could it be her anal glands? She's such a sweet little girl I don't think she is in any pain. Any advice would be great. Thanks
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I dont have much experience with anal glands but how is her litterbox behavior? Pooping ok (solid)?
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She is pooping fine, nothing loose or icky in there.
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Hmm I think if it were me and everything else was normal I would just keep an eye on her, could have been just a one time thing. If it happens again I'd probably call the vet and ask them if they think she would need to be brought in.
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Sounds good to me. She is acting fine otherwise. I will definitely keep an eye on her and make sure she's doing okay. Thanks for the help
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sounds like anal fluid... keep an eye and possibley take her to a groomer to have the expressed
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I didn't know a groomer could do it. I figured she would have to go to the vet.
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Sure sounds like her anal glands drained (but that's not a bad thing). Please keep a careful eye on Daisy because my late Siamese boy had to undergo emergency surgery because his glands were impacted. Once he was better, his vet showed me how to express his glands. It certainly wasn't a pleasant job, but it was a necessary one. Once I started to express his glands on a weekly basis, he never had problems again.
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Thanks for the input. She is doing fine now. She's eating and drinking and using the box just fine. I guess it was just a fluke thing?
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