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Amber's nursery

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HI! Just wanted to post a few pictures of Ambers nursery, since I worked so hard to fix it up before she was is a really big room, and also has a full size bed in it, so I can sleep in there with her if I need to, and also because the bed was my father's and I didn't want to get rid of it, so I just worked around it!!!

I will post these in the next few's the first one...
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and another
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number 3
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number 4 (almost done)
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last one....
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The only thing I am still missing is the diaper pail cover and the curtains. There is a lady making them both for me, in the Blue Jean Teddy theme, but her son got very ill and has been in the hospital or a very long time, so she didn't get a chance to finish them yet.

I don't know if you can tell, but the border has the same matching bears on it!
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Oh....I'm speechless (almost )

What a beautiful room! Amber is soooo lucky.

Great job!
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Thank you!!!! I think it will look alot better when that lady finally gets the curtains done!
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Wow, you did a great job with Amber's nursery! I love the teddy bear theme, too & the bed goes great!
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What a beautiful room! I love the teddy bear theme (I still have my bear from when I was 6 years old). Are the bears on the wall, in the middle of the wall, decals? It looks great!

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Yes, the bears on the walls are stickers...just peel and stick! Just like the border! I wasn't sure how well they would stay on, but they are sticking really well, not peeling off at all!!!!! I took a long time putting up the ones on the walls, because I had to measure from each one down to the border, to get them exactly the same height all around the room.
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Here are a few more...I hope nobody minds....

This is the south side of the room with the big closet
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This is the West side, by the is odd to have a TV in a nursery, I know...but it is the only place I had to put the smaller TV that the kids use to play their video games on.

The chair was my grandfathers, it is really old...I don't know if you can tell, but the arms are swans heads.
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This is a closeup shot of the changing table with all her stuffed animals that were given to her!!! Ghyslaine, there is your stuffed kitty you sent!!!
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Very last one, I all are probably sick of this....

here is a closeup shot of above the bed with the comforter I hung on the wall.
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What a great room, Debby! Are those Boyd's Bears? I know how you collect them. I think the extra bed is perfect. When Anthony was a baby, we had a full size in his room too, for lack of anywhere else to put it. When the time came, it just became his bed. The neat part was that he already identified it as his, so there was never any trouble making that transition and "giving up the crib".
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What a fantastic room!!! Whatever made you think we would get sick of looking at all those beautiful pictures?
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You did an excellent job- did you do all of it yourself? Amber is sure lucky- she has a room fit for a queen!
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What a great room. Congratulations your hard work has paid off because it looks terrific
I love all the the furniture and the teddy bear theme, especially where it all matches on the borders and walls.
Amber will love it!
Oh and don't hold back on the pictures. I love looking at them and it seems everyone else agrees too
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I'm speechless.....

You did a great job Debby...

I KNOW Amber will love it (when she realizes its hers!!)
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OH my gosh!!!! That is such a beautiful room! I love it! I should have you do my kids rooms.
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Thank you!!!! those aren't Boyd's Bears....they are The Blue Jean Teddies. Funny thing is, I wanted the Boyd's Bears, and looked all over the internet for borders, stickers, crib bedding, etc in that theme, and couldn't find a thing. Then AFTER I had her room completely done, I saw the Boyd's Bears nursery stuff, (borders, stickers, bedding, lamps, the whole thing) at Walmart. They had just gotten them in. But that's okay....I like these, too.

Thanks for the compliments everyone!
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BTW, when did you get the impression that we don't like pictures? Aren't we about due for some new ones of Amber?
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Thanks! It will probably be a little while though before I get some new ones of Amber. I think I might get a digital camera for christmas, then it will be easier to post them more often!
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Debby - the room looks wonderful!!! You've done a fantastic job!!!
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I love the room - it looks like a great place to grow up!
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I agree! What a beautiful baby room. Amber sure has a great Mommy to do all that for her.
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What a gorgeous room, a beautiful room for a beautiful little lamb. Now it's time for us to see pictures of Amber in her beautiful room!
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Thank you, Thank you!!!
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