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Handsome stranger

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I am so glad I have cats that don't mind visitors that sit on their windows.

We occasionally get a visit from a handsome kitty from one of the other condos.
A big, beautiful brown tabby boy (fixed!) that has a white moustache and white toes.
He has the cutest little mew.
He was here today, sitting outside the kitchen window, talking with Shadow.
I went out and gave him scritches and checked his tag, his names is Boats

I can only imagine it's because of his huge feet
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How fun for your critters. If a strange cat comes to my windows, wow my kitties go crazy, but it's not good crazy..they start making the sound like they are ready to fight (but mine don't go outside, and have never been in a fight, thank goodness..)
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My cat does not like her handsome male callers either! They usually rendezvous at the patio door where Tak will hit the glass trying to kill the little guy... And lucky for us, he comes around at about 3am...
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Awwwww, I knew this thread was going to be about a cat Boats sounds very sweet
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cool, I have not found out how my little ones will react to other cats. They have only been around a dog. That was a bit of an interesting experiment too. Might have to try that sometime.
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what an awesome name! my cats are usually just curious, its my psycho dog that goes nuts there's really not too many kitties in the park, which is AMAZING to me considering trailer parks have a record of being stray cat meccas, but the wierdest encounter I ever had was when a big white cat attached himself to my bedroom screen
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We have a muted orange tabby that comes around. As John lets Bijou outside, (and we all know how I feel about that), he and the orange fellow have been taking each other's measure. This orange kitty is very friendly. He (pretty sure it's a he) came to the sliding doors, was eating some meat and kitty treats from my fingers and purred when I stroked him. Bijou was sitting less than a foot away and didn't seem to have a problem with me feeding and petting this little stranger. Mika kept an eye on him through the screen door but there was no hissing or apparent upset.
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Aww they want to be friends. How cute.
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Too cute! None of my furbabies like visitors who show up at our back door. It turns into puffy tail city!
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Aw - that's so sweet. We don't get other cats visiting us usually, although we did have a white cat visit on Christmas Day! The kitties were just curious about it - we brought it in till we found it's owner and not a problem.
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