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New kittens who hate us

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Hello everyone. We are new to thecatsite, and the reason we joined was to get some advice about new kittens. We adopted two 3-month-old kittens yesterday, and they are both very scared of us, and any other sound in the house. They were in the shelter for 34 days before we took them home, and they were not scared when we met them yesterday, but ever since they were released in our house they have been hiding from us, and only playing with one another. Is this normal? and if so, how long can we expect the anti-social behavior to go on? Is there anything I can do to make the adjustment to thier new living situation easier for them? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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If this is just the first day at your home, I would say it is normal.
Everytime I relocate (too often...) my full grown cat hides under the bed for a day or two.

I think yours just need time to acclimate. It is good that you brought them both, together.
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If you brought them home and just opened the carriers and turn them loose, no wonder they are scared. They've known the 4 walls and cage door for a month - the entire house is overwhelming.

I strongly suggest you confine both kittens to ONE room with their food, water, litter pan for about a week or so. Visit them often, sit on the floor with a feather toy or ball with bell and intice them to play. Or just sit quietly and they will approach. By sitting on the floor you don't look as scary as standing up.

In time they will be more friendly and want to explore. Supervise them when you let them out to check out the next room. Do it gradually.

When we got Charlie he was confined to the library for 2 weeks and gradually allowed to check things out a little at a time. Within a week he was fine with everything on the first floor - after that he gradually increased to exploring basement and 2nd floor upstairs.
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They are just scared, and they have to get used to you. They will come around, just be patient.

I am sending you and your new kitties hugs and prayers from Mississippi.

Keep us posted on how they are doing.
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Oh, I'm sure they don't hate you!

I had the same question as GoldenKitty45. Have you given the kittens full run of the house? Or do you have them confined in a smallish space?

Also, when you get a new pet it is so tempting to want to shower them with affection and attention, and receive the same in return. This often does not happen though -- new pets can appear very aloof, and anti-social, but they're really just going through an enormous adjustment.

It might be an idea to 'lie low' for a little while -- spend plenty of time in the same room with your new kittens, but don't overwhelm them with attention. Give them some time to observe you, and get used to their new surroundings/people. I bet it won't be too long before you have two happy kittens.

Good luck -- I am only new to this board as well, and I've found there is a wealth of great info here.
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In order to engage them to play with you, get one of those fishing pole or wand type toys with feathers or some other interesting thing on the end of it. So far, I've not met a kitten who could resist those things. Be careful with how high they jump up to catch it while they are still little though ... they can get pretty active and wild flying around and we don't want them to get hurt.
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Thanks everyone! Your comments are much appreciated. We confined the kittens to one room last evening through this morning, and today we opened the door so that they could explore further if they wanted. Just when it started to get dark they decided they wanted to look around a bit, and now they are playing with each other in another room in the house. Since they seem to be comfortable leaving thier 'home-base' room, should I let them, or should I still keep them confined?
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If they seem comfortable coming out on their own, then I would let them, but be certain to place litter boxes around closeby ... little ones can sometimes get distracted in activity and then all of a sudden realize they have to "go" - they will normally squat right wherever they are if there isn't a box handy.
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Aww I'm glad things seem to be going a better. I'm sure once your little ones are used to their surroundings you'll be wishing for those first few timid days back!

My only suggestion is to post some pictures so we can see your little 3 month old darlings! Please??????
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You need to confine the kittens to one room with food, water and litterboxes (at least 2 for 2 kittens). Cats are territorial and they are very stressed and overwhelmed to have this much territory. Remember to introduce yourselves slowly...go in to play and cuddle and talk to them several times daily, while still giving them the space to become acclimated to the sounds and smells of their new household.
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I would still confine them to one room if you are not there to supervise - for at least a week.
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I also would confine them at night and when you're away, since you're not able to check on them as handily as if you're there and awake. That way, they're less likely to get into any mischief.

Make sure you leave the door open to their safe room while they are out exploring in case they are startled, they'll have access to the place they feel the safest. (My 11 yo cat claims my closet as her safe place!)

And yes, please post pictures!!

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Another reason to give them supervised exploration time is no matter how much you try to kitten proof your house, they will find something dangerous to play with.

At least you can be there to keep them away from the phone cord, eating rubber bands, finding that aspirin you dropped, etc... Better to find it in a controlled circumstance than when something goes boom.

It sounds like they are actually doing very well if they are playing and staring to explore. It is verrry early and they are small. Expect to have a few setbacks, but most of all know that the problems are temporary and love your new furbabies!!
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