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Spikey needs rhinoplasty

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But I love him anyway.
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No he doesn't he is handsome just as he is.
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Spikey has a very distinguished nose.
He is a really handsome boy.
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Exactly! Noses are what make out kitties so individual :P that and their level of psychoticness
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Awwww. he's adorable
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Don't you touch one little hair on his perfect head!

Gorgeous pictures!
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What a sweet little bump on his nose
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AWE what a cutie, and look at that face just too cute
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He has a very distuished profile.
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aww No he is a sweetie, give that special nose some kiss from us
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What a handsome boy! Quite the distinguished profile.
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His nose is cute..It adds character..
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So cute! How old is he? Benson had similar profile but it doesn't seem as pronounced anymore.
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Hehehe... he's special like that! Just as long as it doesn't affect his breathing
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Awww! I love his little bump! It`s cute!
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Hey, so he has a "Gonzo"!!! What a cute little adds to his appeal!
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