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I call Madden either:

Maddy, Faddy Maddy, Or My Big Fat Maddy Cat!

He answers to all of the above!
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Pekoe & Nigel: Nigel has SUCH a cute face! I love his markings. I've developed a softspot for tuxedo cats since we got Pixel last month!

I guess I should add what we call the pair of our kitties.

The kitlits, the brats, our little disasters, Thing 1 and Thing 2
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Kitters has a few. Kitty, Fuzzy Butt, Fuzzy Bear, Baby Girl, Baby, & Kitty Poops!
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Momma ...Bahama Mama

Beandip...Ba-Bean-Bean, The Bean, Beanhead, Bean, Beanariffic Cat, Handsome Devil, and Beanie Weanie

Junior...Little Dipper ('cause he's Beandip's shadow), Goober or Gooberhead, Dorito

Paisley..Pais-Pais, Poopypants

Pumpkin...Princess Pumpkin Pickypants, Porkchop, Bean Sprout ('cause she's
Beandip's other shadow), Poopypants the 2nd.

Pixel...The Pixelator, Pix

Precious...Hmm I think just Precious, or Silly Girl.
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Paris - Perry, Princess, Evil Kitty (she lives up to it), Precious One

Cairo - Poofy, Pooflet, Poofton, Pooft, Uggs (her paws look like ugg boots), Purr Ball.

Collectively we call them Angel Babies, Purr Monsters, Shmitty Kitties, Baby Girls.

For both of them I have to check myself and call them their real names from time to time, so they don't forget . Cairo loves being called her real name, and responds affectionately. Paris preferres a nickname.
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Mister (who is really Montecore) - Monty, your honor, poppet

Missy Jo (who is really Marsha) -marshmallow, marshy, momma bear, cow, jo-jo

Scampi Marie - Ducky, sweet tooth Marie

Spritzer - ritzy roodle, the madame

Spalding - Cheeks McGee, handsome grandson

Baker - butt boy, fluffy butt, baker bot

Betsy Sue - Sue bear, baby blue eyes
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well lets see here...

Willie is mamas will will, or willie beansers or just will will

Midnight is smudge (ey)

Bella is fatty, mamas fat girl, crancky, brat, lovebug,bell bell

Stormie is stinky butt, trouble, storm storm

Blue is blue blue, mamas baby, stinky girl

Tessa is tessa tessa, crazy, nutball

hmm its so funny because theres so many but i cant think of them now that i hit reply thats and its almost 4 am!
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Kolohe doesn't have any nicknames currently. My husband called him Dude but I've dropped that.

Torty- Torts, Tortle

Stumper- Stumpy, Stumpy Girl

Eric- Sir Eric, Mr. Eric

Tiggy- Tigs, Big Tig- when he was heavier I called him Sumo Cat, but that's not appropriate now that he lost some weight.

Fluffy- Fluff, Fluffball, Brat Cat, Green Eyed Monster

Palekana- Pest, Pesty

I also routinely call all of them Sweetheart or Sweety.
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Willow is Willy, Billy, Milly, Robert, George, Mildred, Meemo, and, of course, Will

Buffy is Muffy, Barbie, Barbie Girl, Baby Girl, Boob, Marble

Molly is Baby Girl (yeah, same as Buffy, lol), Baby Cakes, Sweetie Pie, Malloy, Malaria
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Kallie- KeeKee, Bee-bee girl, Princess, Tub-o-lard, Fatty Fatty, (she is not really over weight I have no Idea why I call her it), but I call her Kee-Kee Kallie more than anything else.

Murphy- Little buddy, Little man, prince, Murph, crazy one, Meanie, and Handsome
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Skittles we call her Momma

Runtz we call her Sissy

Taffy we call him Lazy and templeton lol
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Sophie is Sophie-peeps, sweet-peeps

Mollie is Mollie-kins, bratcat
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Miss Moofi - Doofa-loofa..... Miss Fifi...... Doofs.............Moofs

Dino - Beany ...... Big Guy........Deans

Pepsi - Peps...............Epileps..........Princess


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Sho regularly gets called - Fat cat, lazy butt, Snuggle cat, and Sho-cat or Sho-kitty.

Tomas is - Kitten, Stinky (less now that he doesn't fart as much), and little brat.

I'm usually yelling out "BOYS!" at them for some reason or another.
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Such cute nicknames!

Dinah: DinahCat, Rascal, RascalCat, demon kitty, and Meow Meow.
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Sadie's nicknames are Sadielicious, Spotty Body, Schneggie and Scumpie.
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Jacob - Jacob Jingleheimer, Jakie, Flakey Jakie, Jakeling, Sushi, Fluffy wumpums

Löki - Lökipops, Löki-pokey, Locust (when he's being bad) or Locust Blossom (same reason), Löki Blossom, honey

and the list goes on! The vet calls Jacob something else entirely, since he is usually such a BAD BOY when he goes there - she calls him "The Hooded Fang". Funny thing - it's the ONLY place that he acts that way - he's a real "pussy cat" at home!
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Wesley's number one nickname is Wes Man. I sometimes call him Handsome Kitty or Sweetie.
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Originally Posted by Malakaiii View Post
I wonder if psychologists have ever tapped into the underground world of cat nicknamers...
If that's the case, it's the straight jacket for me for sure!

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Mine are all kinda silly....I mainly rhyme mine,hehe.

Chloe is clotus panotus(told ya their silly)
Taffy is taffers, mr taffers
Lilly is lills
Freddie is freddie panetty(LOL)
Lucky is luck luck or in baby talk "wuc wuc"
Toby is tobester

Of course they all get called sweeetie, baby, goofy from time to time.
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Originally Posted by beandip View Post
Pumpkin...Princess Pumpkin Pickypants, Porkchop, Bean Sprout ('cause she's
Beandip's other shadow), Poopypants the 2nd.
Bean Sprout. Oh that is too cute. I may have to steal that from you and start calling my boys Sprout from now on.
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Petunia is PP, P's, and Pretty Girl

Pepper is Turd and some assorted bad words

You can tell which kitty is usually in trouble!!
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We call Reeses "Kitty Boo" (for some reason), Boo, or just Kitty.
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ReesesPBC: Love the signature banner!

I officially have my boyfriend hooked on calling Pixel "Pickles". I guess I did it enough times that he started it up too... ahahaha! Spread the insanity!

Should've just named her Pickles... but then I'd probably call her something else.
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my cats name is angel
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Gracie-. G.M. (Gracie Mae), The Princess. Squeeky, Pretty Girl, Miss White Mittens. Casey-C.J. (Casey Jay). K.C. (we can't convince Mom's helper to pronounce his name Casey), Bruiser, Mister, and Handsome.
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I call Blossom, naughty puddytatzez, cheecky puddytatzez, Who's my bootiful girl.
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I calle Alley "Sweet Face" & Nala "Baby Nala"
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Oh, this is fun! Here are ours, in order of seniority, full names first:

Dylan Ishmael
Dylan has always been mostly Dylan -- his feline gravitas demands that kind of respect! But now and then, I call him Big Fella or Ol' Fuzzy Tummy... ...and my father calls him Sheriff Dylan, because he's taken charge of household security.

Sassy Lane
My mom calls her Sassy Lassie or My Little Bear Cub... I call her Glamourkitty or Your Highness.

Clyde Lee
I call him Clydie or My Beloved or Love Of My Life or My Sweet Babboo or sometimes Greeneyes... but my father calls him Clyde the Marauder!

Abby Helen
Abby is simply Abby or Miss Abby... or sometimes Good Ol' Girl.

Pearl Noelle
Pearly Girl, Pearl the Squirrel (due to her fabulous tail), Pearl of the World, Brighteyes, or My Little Flatcat (because of the way she lies down with her legs stretched out behind her).

St. John Dundee
With a name like that he was bound to be called other things! Like Redheaded Stranger, Little Guy, Orange Flash, Holy Terror, and my favorite -- Hurricane Dundee, for the swirly pattern on his sides.
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Seb is called snoogy woogy punkin bear, my snuggle wuggles and, if he is in trouble, kitten mittens
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