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What's Your Cat's Nickname?

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I've noticed that we have a heap of nicknames for both our cats... and they answer to them! Judging by the strange nicknames we've cooked up, I'm willing to bet that there are lots of other cat owners that call their pets hilarious things when there are no other humans around.

Here's ours:

Tak - Tacky, Taquito, Tackytoes, Tic-tak, heart attack, tikkyboo, fluffer butt
Pixel - Pixie, Pickles, Pixelita, Picky, kitten pants, Pik-so
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Zissou is babygirl, honey, dahlin (like darling), peanut, goober, cat (when she's bad), the z-ster, rocketkitten, the toilet paper kamikaze, and her former daddy called her Ziii Sue with a fake french accent which she will still answer to.

Nothing too weird I guess. Zissou doesn't lend itself to nicknames. She just knows I'm talking to her by the tone of my voice.
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Zebras nicknames are Zeeb, Zeeb Zeeb, Baby, Cutie Pie, Little Girl.

Milos nicknames are Miley and Milo #2

The other Milo gets called Big Milo or Milo #1 (because he was here first)
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There are lots but here are the main ones:

Names: Joji, Skinny, QT, Wawa, Ichi, Ni, San, Yon, Go, Ashley and Buddy
Nicknames: Ojiboji, Ins, Oots, Wowie, Ichiborichi, Nimelanie, Sonnyboy, Yoni, Gochi, Ash and Bud.
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I call Bean alot of differen't things; Beanzie Boy, Bean Bean, Kitten Little.
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Trouts are :furbutt, furmonger, furry baby, Troutmeister, furry girl...etc...
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Quill: Buddy, Bud, Baby, Sweetpea, Featherbutt, Thunderpaws .... and some unmentionable names
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Duke = Dukie-duke, the dukester, John Wayne, Flubber

Sibohan = Sib-sib, Sibby, Miss Priss
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I have a few that some of my cats answer to

Princess: Mama Kitty, Baby girl, Highness (lol), and when she is bad i call her You for some reason

Prince: Mama's Boy, Princey. I dont have many for him I dont know why and when is bad I call him Princefer, for some reason also

King: Little baby, Kitty Kitty, Cutie pie and thats really it for him, he is still knew so I dont have many and dont want to confuse him yet on which one is his name, and for names when he is in trouble I dont have one.... yet but when I do I will let you guys know
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These are awesome! Keep 'em coming.
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Lexi's nicknames are Teufelchen and goofball
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Dexter is DoBoy

Sadie has the nick name ... Rowena, an old fashioned girl.
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My RB kitty, Georgia's nickname was GEORGEDAMMITGETDOWN.
I really don't have many for my crew now. Fluffy is Fluffybutt sometimes, and we use to call Pearl our little Pearl Girl until the Tampax Pearl commercial came out.
She's a Pearl Girl with a silly looking tart waving a tampon around and grinning.
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Velvet- Velvie, Baby Velvie,Velveteen Rabbit, Velveteen, My baby (she was my first kitty- we just have this really special bond)

Jasmine- Sugar Momma, Sugs, Jazzy, Fat Cat, Colin's girlfriend (haha she thinks Colin is her MAN! She steals him from me whenever we're sitting together- she'll get in the middle of us and push me over)

Isabella- Izzie, Bella, Bella bee, Baby bella, Mommy's little snotty princess, Snob, Brat Cat, Princess, Beautiful Bella, Jasmine's baby

Abilene (she's officially being adopted by my mom soon- but she's still my little girl)- Bi#ch cat, Bi$chy kitty, (can you tell she has an attitude??),Abbie Babbie, Abbie, Honey Bunny (she thinks she's a rabbit just like our bunny Sophie), Tiger Tabbie Abbie,

Kojak- My favorite baby kitty boy (he's my only one!), Kolarskie (don't ask), Baby boy, My handsome little man, baby squishy
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Harley is Harley Butt, Harley Farley , & Momma's big boy

Bayley so far is Bayley Bear, becuase he sounds like a little bear cub when he's meowing
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Charlie-chuckalucka, sir charles, tart :P
Jasmine-squirell, psycho, furrow (her low belly leaves trails through the grass)
Cleopatra-stinkbomb (her poos are SO smelly! lol) fuzzbut
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Loki=Loco Loki; Loco Louie, Lokes, Loke the Poke, Lokey-Pokey (and many other unprintable names when he's been bad...)

Jasmine=Queen Jasmine the 1st, Jazzy J, J.J., Maine Cooness, The Main Maine Coon, Puffy Coon, Mommy Coon, Boss Coon, B*tchy Coon. (She's the Queen of the cats, and "disciplines" the unruly cats!)

Willi=Willito, William The Conqueror (of My Heart), Wills, Mommy's Boy.

Hobbes=Hobby, Hobby-Who, Hobby Hears A Whoo, The Hobinator; El Hobbo, Charlemagne, King Hobbes (as he's so dignified!)

Little Miss=Marisa, Tiny Miss, Toyger (she has tiger stripes), Mari.

BJ=Huggy Bear Boy, Huggsley, Sir-Hug-a-Lot (He "hugs" me on command...so cute!)

Margaret=Marge, Maggie, Mar-Mar, Margaret-Martha, Margaret Ann, Maggie-Moo (she's Holstein-patterned; there's an ice cream place, Maggie Moo's, which had a Holstein cow logo), Marga.

Just some of my verbal ramblings...I know they're not very original, and border on the pathological!

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I wonder if psychologists have ever tapped into the underground world of cat nicknamers...
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Don't know if they've done specifically cat nicknaming, but it is actually a field... onomastics (well, names in general, but nicknames are a subspecialty).
Names and nicknames using -ster were part of my thesis
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Gizmo = Giz, Lil Man, or my bf calls him Tri-pod
Loki = Prince or brat
Nick = Nickelodeon
Mozart and Oddball are the Big Boys
Mrs Crowley is Baby or Baby gurl
and Mishif was Cutie pie
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We call all of then "Chicken Face"

Don't ask.
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom View Post
Don't know if they've done specifically cat nicknaming, but it is actually a field... onomastics (well, names in general, but nicknames are a subspecialty).
Names and nicknames using -ster were part of my thesis
That's really neat!
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We're not very original...

Stumpy is usually Stumparoony, Stumpy Girl, Stumpster, or Stumpy Cat

Lily doesn't have many nicknames - she's Lill, or Pretty Lily. Oh yeah, Lily is also Stinky Bum....

Smudge is Smudgie, Smudgie-kitten, Smudgaroony or daddy's girl
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Jake's are: Jakey, Buddy Boy, or just Buddy, Jakester and Yion King (lion king).

Peaches nick names aren't that creative: Peach, Peachy, Baby, Princess

Jazzy: Jazzer, Jazzmatazz, Naughty Boy
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Patches gets called Clown a lot for his regular attacks of kitten crazies.

Alice gets called Miss Fancy Pants a lot. She is a mackeral tabby in shades of gray to black with medium hair and a thick undercoat but she has pure black going about halfway up her back legs and a bushy Maine Coon type tail.
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Shadow's nicknames are unprintable
Spazz -Spazilla, Spazalicious, Spazmatazz, Fuzzbutt, droolie
Vash - Vash-brrt
Trouble - Buddy boy, Trouble-bubble, Bubble cat, Bubble boy
Cassi -Cassi-mew, Miss Mew
Ivory -Bug, Buggers, Buggie-boo, Buggie-wuggie
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Scratch is: Scratchers, Baby Girl, Scatch, Scratchy, Stinkbomb.. there's lots more.
Squee is: Skee/Ski, Skeekers, Squeakers, Squeaks, and Bum (she gets clingons )
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Squeekers ~ Squeeks, Squeekums, Squeek.
Casper ~ none really.....just boy.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Pekoe- Peek, Peeks, Sweetpea, Pea, P-P, PK, Pickle

Nigel- Ni (first syllable of his name), Nijo (to rhyme with Pekoe), NJ, Nij, Nigella, Jo, Joseph, Josephine

Both of them: The Kits, Kids, Kidlets, The Boys, The Littlest Hobos, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Baby Belugas
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Originally Posted by IloveSiamese View Post
Squeekers ~ Squeeks, Squeekums, Squeek

You've been watching too much Emperors new groove
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