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cat show

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Cat Fanciers is holding a cat show today & tomorrow in Tempe, and I thought I might go tomorrow to give me something to do. How much do they usually cost to get in and do you sit or do you go look at the different breeds of cats? Are there vendors at the show?
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Here in Austrlia it cost around $2 to get in and you sit and watch the juging, you are not allowed to go up to the cages while they are juging but can walk around after. By vendors do you means breeders selling cats or cat products? you may find both. They are quite interesting. I hope you enjoy. Come back and let us know. You may get better info from more members.
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I have never been to a cat show, but I hope you have fun! If there is ever one in my area, or nearby, I do want to go!!!
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I think the one I went to was $4.00
There should be venders selling cat supplies and products.
You can walk around and see the cats.
In the ring you can not go up to the cats put I think someone said that.
It is lots of fun.
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Out here in Canada it's $5.00 to get in. The last cat show I was at charged $5.00 and gave me a free 3lb bag of Max Cat Hairball cat food. Anyway Have Fun!!
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I went to one yesterday and it cost $2 to get in.
It was the first one I'd ever been to and I had a great time.
As long as they weren't judging the particular ring at the time, you could go up to the cages and talk to and pat the kitties.
There weren't any vendors selling cat products at this one, but that probably varies with the type and size of a show.
There's another show here in a couple of weeks time and we're thinking of entering Orion in that one...see what happens though.
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