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One of my "paintings" for BabyHarley

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Here's a downsized version of a WallPaper I made for Baby Harley in honour of Davidson finding her, her new furbaby Bayley. If you want the full sized Wallpaper, please PM me your email address and I'll send it to you, McKenzie.

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WOW that is beautiful! You do such a great job on everything you do. it really is stunning.
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WOW!! Hope, thats gorgeous! I adore it, thank you, so much!!
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Thats truly incredible!!
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Hope, your Bayley picture is beautiful.
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As always Hope, your talent is amazing. Great job!
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Aww what a great picture. And i love the new name, it suits his gorgeous coat ( the name thread disappeared too far back for me lol)
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Oh Hope, another job well done!! JUST WONDERFUL!! Kenzie, we both have Bailey's now!! Your Bayley, and my Bailey!!!
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Wow! hope- that is absolutely stunning! What a beautiful job!
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Hope, that is so pretty. I love the flower patch!!
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very nice work
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that is lovely, Hope!
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That's awesome Hope
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Very pretty
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Hope, that is absolutely precious!
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Wow that's very very beautiful!
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Wow thats beautiful. I wish I had that kind of artistic talent.
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Hope - that is so gorgoues! I'm always amazed by your talent.

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that is brill.......very creative !!
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