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My Kitties

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My new girl SASHA


Beastie---Ace's Mommie

Jazzi Girl:
Sasha Mommie

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You have a gorgeous furfamily! I love the new baby kitten!!
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they are adorable!
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You have such beautiful babies!!!
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Aww, they're gorgeous!
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You have gorgeous kitties!
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Thanks Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!! My Girls Are So Special To Me And There Is No Explanation For Ace The Bobtail He Is In His Own League. Hahaha

I Love The Babies!!!!!!!! I Wish I Could Keep Them All -----but I Have Had Families Waiting In Line For New Babies For Awhile. So I Guess Most Of Them Will Have To Go Live With Their New Families.

I Will Post New Pics Later.
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what a beautiful fur-family you have I love the one of Sasha stretching out & her tail looped up

I think we have a thread dedicated to kitties sleeping like that
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what beautiful kitties u have those pics are great thanx for sharing they are such cuties
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