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My tuxedo cat, Sammy-a-go-go

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I did a thread of my tabby kitties...

So, I decided to make one for my only non-tabby cat, Sam. Sam is the man of the house, a 15+ pound tuxedo DSH. He is an lean, mean, nosy machine who is long enough to stand on his back legs, hold onto the edge of the counter and peer over. He has polydactyly, which is extra toes, on his front paws, giving his hands a thumb looking digit. He can use this thumb to his advantage and has been known to grab a pencil out of my hand.

Sammy is going to be 3 in April. He and Lola have the same mum.

Here he is as a wee baby

A few months ago, with George

Hallowe'en Sammy

Relaxing in the recliner

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He is adorable!

What a strong handsome man he is
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Awww how cute...that kitten pic is so Sweet
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Oh my goodness, that's a heartbreakingly cute kitten photo!
What a big handsome guy he grew up to be.
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What a great big handsome boy!

Sabina says she applauds his fashion sense!
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Sammy must be a naturally BIG kitty if he is 15 lbs and not overweight. He looks very trim in the pics. I can see he's tall in the photos. Is George still a kitten in that shot or is Sammy really that tall?!

My Fred is 15 lbs, naturally large and is considered overweight by the vet. He looks a lot tubbier than Sam. He's on a diet now. We hope to get him down to 12 or 13lbs.

This photo obviously accentuates his tummy, but you can see he's not a slim mean jumping bean!!! (notice the cute black button birthmark on his tummy. It was the size of a penny when I got him )

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Fred is so cute! I love how he shows off his tummy!
Sammy is not overweight at all, according to the vet. He's just LONG. In the picture of him and George, George is probably about 4 or 5 months old. So, yes, he's caught up some. But George is a pretty big guy, too....not so long, but very stocky and heavy for his length (not fat, though). Addie is a little girl, so I'll try to get a picture of her and Sam together so that you can get an idea of the size difference.

I bought that coat at the Dollarama. It's meant for small breed dogs, so it fits Sam perfectly. In fact, it would be too big for my mom's little bichon (sp?). It looks cool on him and he doesn't mind it for short periods.

pushylady, Bella713
He was a super cute kitten, it's true. He used to cuddle in between the pillows on the bed to sleep with me. Now, he takes up at least a quarter of a double bed, and that's when he's not fully extended!
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Sammy's awful handsome! My tuxie Mooch is 14lb but doesn't look it either. She's muscle and the Vet said she's A-ok. My cat Bunny, now she looks like a little round butterball, yet she's only 11lb.
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Sammy is adorable..I love the belly pic. My tuxedo Jack sleeps like that all of the time..He is medium sized, about 9lbs..
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O my what a cutie and look at that belly pic just too cute, i also love the pic of sammy and george that is just toooo cute
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yay I just love B&W kitties - well I do have two of my own

Love the one reclining in the chair
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