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As requested by Pekoe & Nigel

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Pekoe & Nigel asked to see more of my tabbies, so here we go.....

Lola is 2.5 years old and she is a brown classic tabby DSH. She was the cutest kitten, but I'll have to scan in a few pictures of that later.

This is George...He is 8 months old and is a brown mackerel tabby DSH. He is pretty big now, but we've had him since he was 5 weeks old. He's also in my avatar.

5 wks

3 months


This is Adelpha, commonly Addie. She is George's litter sister and is also 8 months. She is very light and tiny, especially compared to her brother. She is the most vocal cat we've ever had, earning her the nickname Mouthpiece.

At 5 wks

At 3 months

At 8 months

That's all of the tabbies. I'm going to do a thread for my other cat, Sam, so he doesn't feel left out. He's a polydactyl tuxedo DSH.
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How adorable!!
What cuties you have!!!!
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Wow! That first photo really looks like my Harley!
You have a gorgeous furfamily
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Aww...look at those beautiful tabby faces!
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Don't you think that tabbys look wiser as kittens than others? I always thought so when Nermal was a kitten. Fred as a Tux, looked so naive and innocent. Nermal always looked like he was on top of things
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o my look at those cuties as my mom says i am very fond of tabbies ok ok im am fond of all colors and markings of cats but what cuties u have there, and look at how much the kittens grew just what cuties
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Ooh I love tabbies... they all look SO good Okay okay I'm biased...
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Very pretty kitties.
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Very pretty family you have.
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That is EXACTLY what I was wanting to see!!!! They're just too sweet to bear, aren't they? I think little Addie MIGHT be my favourite, but they're just all adorable.
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Look how adorable they are..
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Sweet little angles they are!!!
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