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My Little Poopykins

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It was a nice sunny afternoon so I took full advantage! (Living in a basement flat means we dont get much sun )
Heres Kitty posing on sofa.

Here he is in 'pounce mode'.

And lastly the one he will really hate me for. Kitty with his fluffy pal!

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Love the last pic! What a handsome little guy! They look cute together!!
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Wow! Those are amazing photos, great quality!
I love Kitty with his little friend I think we need more photos!!
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Wow! Your Kitty has the most beautiful markings!
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o my what a cutie and look at those marking, simply gorgeous those are such great pics, thanx for sharing those with us
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very nice pics love the second one
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Isn't he gorgeous!!

You've got the same mongolian fur cushions as me btw!!
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WAAHAHHAA!! The last photo is SO cute! He looks peeved to be taken together with his soft toy
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Thank you!
I love his one ginger toe on his paw and his little Adam Ant face stripes.
Think he was a bit embarrassed in the last one. I got him that so he could get fruity with it at night instead of my leg. Hasn`t worked though!
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I love the markings on his face. He's a real cutie pie. Although he looks less than thrilled about that last pic.
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He's lovely, I love the white around his whisker pads, very unusual and striking! He's a very rich colour too
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Awww!! He is very handsome, and I loove his markings.
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Those are great pics..He was loving the light..He is so handsom.
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yay more photos of Kitty, what a beauty he is, I still cant get over his vivid colour and those markings are so special, he is adorable
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