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Hey there!
I just got my first orchids from an orchid festival that my parents took me to. The latin names are:

Ludisia discolor

I was wondering if anyone else has orchids as a hobby and if they might be able to direct me to some good care sites. I'm particularly concerned about having enough light and moisture for these guys.

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I don't grow them but i would looooove to! They are my second favorite flower next to tiger lilies. I did find a Hybrid that are supposed to be really easy to care for and i was thinking about getting some of them.
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My DH's grandmother used to raise orchids and sell them. I think this is the magazine she subscribes to: http://www.theaos.org/aos/publications/index.aspx. She's subscribed to it pretty much since it came out in the 30s or 40's (a long time ago!).
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I love orchids, they are so pretty. I don't know much about them though, but good luck with your new ones
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I bought a "moth orchid"(same genus as yours) back in the beginning of November -it was flowering then and its still flowering now-with new growth coming.
I would check out Timber Press's website to see if they have any orchid books-the books they publish are very well written.
I know they need humidity and I think filtered light-mine sits on a table that faces east.
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Hey thanks!
I found a bit of info...the coconut orchid needs high humidity, so I pumped up my humidifer and am going to get a water spray bottle for when its not flowering (mom's hint). I'm sorta nervous today. I had to pull dynah (the kitten) off of the TV twice this morning because she was after the leaves to my orchid. Assuming it's still intact by the time I get home, what do you think I could use to try to get her off...I was considering tinfoil draped along the back (she wouldn't like the sound).
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