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Cat Food

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Has anyone ever had experience with Wellness brand cat food?
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I have never used the dry but I used the canned version quite often. My cats really seem to like it. I think the dry looks like a good food too. I will probably try it in the future.
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I've been feeding my four cats Wellness for maybe 6 or 7 months now and I cannot say enough good things about it. I feed them less of it than when I fed them other brands and I've seen a decrease of stool in the litter box. Xavier and Fallon had a problem with dandruff that would not go away. I assumed that maybe it was the dry heat in the house since I thought what I was feeding them before was a good food but after a month of feeding them Wellness their dandruff cleared right up. Plus their coats have a nice silky sheen to it.

I know I probably sound like a commercial for the stuff but after all the foods I've tried I can't deny the results. Fallon when I first adopted her weighed in at 4 pounds(Keep in mind she is a small cat) and at the time she was on science diet. I tried several brands of food to try and put some weight on her but nothing worked without upset her tummy(Loooong story). Now that's she's been on Wellness she's gained 2 pounds all without upsetting her stomach.

The only downside to the food is that it's quite expensive vs. other foods and that you have to watch the amount you feed because otherwise the cat can gain weight quickly.
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