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Show me your kitty snuggles

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I love kitty snuggle pictures.

I've posted these before but still love them.

Show me yours please!
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Adorable!!! I only have one

Which just took me forever to figure out how to get it from my cell to my photbucket, but I did it!

Anyway, this is from when Zissou was a baby and I brought her home and she met her cousin there. His name is Percival. He acted like her daddy, showing her how to be a tough guy and all. Aw, she was such a baby girl!
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I only have 1 also Mr. Dunkin and his brother MiniMan

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Severino & Joey

Severino and a stuffed kitty
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Mischief Mistoffolees took the baby Hobo Skimbleshanks under his, just days after the youngster showed up...

..and the two have been thick as thieves ever since

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This pics are just gorgeous!

Villy doesn't have anyone to snuggle with, but she snuggles on a big cushion pretty well!

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Aww, no snuggling here, but all the pictures here are adorable!
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When dEUS and Flynn came to live here Ernesto was a bit scared of the little furballs at first, but after a few day he really became their big brother, he groomed them, let them play with him and became their big snugglepillow.

These radiator cat beds are made for one or two cats, but if three cats really want to snuggle up they'll manage

Ernesto seems irritated I interrupted him while he was grooming dEUS:

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Awwww look at all those snuggle buns

Heres Rosie and Sophie

And when Sophie was a baby

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Everyone's pictures are so cute.

Luvbug and Kuce

Luvbug and Lil' Jag

Kuce and Lil' Jag

All 3:
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Ivory and Trouble

Vash and Trouble

Trouble and RB kitty, Whiskers

Ivory and Cassi

Spaz and RB kitty, B.C.

RB kitty B.C. and his dog (RB) Nilla
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