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New Cats

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Hi,i just registerd,ill introduce my self a bit later.

The thing is i just got 2 new cats a couple of days ago(Marvin + Milly).

Milly has sort of settled in now,she sniffs about eats drinks etc.....
But Marvin on the other hand has not moved an inch from his hiding place,he hasnt ate drank or even been to the toilet.

I dont know what to do,i know i should give them some time,but he hasnt even ate and such?.

If someone could sujest on anything,like how i can get him to atleast eat something,that would be much appreciated thank you.

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Hi Kim, well I can understand how that would be worrying you

Has Marvin not eaten or drank anything for the whole time you´ve had him ?

you really do need to get some into him - what have you tried so far to coax him to feed / drink ? also what sort of food ? sorry so many questions, just trying to get a picture
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Well i havnt tried much just the putting the food infront of him and picking peices and trying to give it to him,they both get Go Cat,and Whiskers.

And he hasnt ate or anything for the whole time iv had them.
post #4 of 11 sorry more questions ?

how old is your kitty ?

if you try to leave him on his own to eat, that might help, he may just be stressed out about coming to a new home.
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leave him alone for a couple of hours in peace - if no success - I think the next step is to take him to the vets for a 'once over'
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um apparently hes 4 years old,we got him from a lady who *couldnt be botherd* to take care of the kitties.

I dont know if this sounds harsh but i put him in a kitty box with a bowl of food and water,does this sound too harsh to do,its my only option really.
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I dont think you need to do that - I think that would stress him more - can you leave him in any room on his own with all the necessary, lit-box, water and food. Also somewhere comfy for him to rest on - an old tshirt of yours so he can get used to your smell etc..........
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I think mooficat has given you some good suggestions. You need to leave Marvin alone for a bit. He's probably very stressed out by his new environment. He will only calm down if he is allowed to explore on his own.

He has not had a single thing to eat in two days? Are you positive about this? If this is the case and he does not start eating very soon, a vet trip is in order.
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Perhaps you can try some tuna or chicken?
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Are they used to being together? I think I would put them in a room with food, water and litter tray and just sit in there quietly and talk gently to them.
A new home can be very frightening, some cats are not as confident as others.
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Thank you for taking them in and giving them a home. Do you know this lady? Was he ill before you picked him up? Can you call and ask what food the cat might be used to? I agree that you have to leave them alone and a little tuna packed in water might do the trick, I would just put a small amount on a plate and leave him alone in the room and see if he eats it.
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