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They found her!

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What joyous news!


And shes unharmed!!
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Oh thank God! The parents must be ecstatic! What great news!
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I can't even imagine the fright a parent must go through if their child is stolen!
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Oh that is great I was wondering if they had found her yet...Last night on America's Most Wanted they had a story of a lady who stole this girl's baby about 4-5 months ago and they haven't found him yet
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Oh thank God!

Before Christmas I had the worst scare of my life. I was in an extremely small store with my son (3 at the time) and I was paying and he walked away from me and went down one of the 3 possible isles, so I was like whatever, I can get him in a minute....I can't lose him because it's such a small store....but when I went to look for him...he was gone and I was frantic!!! I got the store workers to help me look for him... we were in one store out of a couple in a small strip mall surrounded by 2 gas stations and only a 1 minute drive to the highway out of town...we went to every store surrounding, I checked my vehicle and just outside, but he was no where...I getting very upset and I of course was freaking out and balling so we called the police (at this point, he's been gone for 20 minutes) and then all the sudden a man walks in with him from outside and said he found him outside I was so angry with Telaryn for leaving the store without me but at the same time soooooo realived I was holding him in my arms....but that feeling...not knowing..thinking the worst...I never want to experience that again.
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I just saw this on the news and how wonderful. Thank god for the national attention this got, and for the person who recognized the woman in the state of NM. I am very glad the baby is unharmed. They need to lock this woman away for a very long time.
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Wonderful news!! God bless the people who called in the tip!
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Originally Posted by maddensmom View Post
Wonderful news!! God bless the people who called in the tip!

I second that!!
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Thank God!! I was so heartbroken for her mommy..Thank god she is found and okay.
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