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What's Everyone Doing Today?

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It's Sunday! Yippee! Tomorrow's Monday - Boooo! Anyway, I've been playing on the computer - DH is still sleeping as we were out late last night! We'll probably go out shopping later, and then tonight it's The Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives to watch!

What are you all doing today?
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I get to go to work today!! Woohoo. Actually, it's not to bad. I don't really do anything, but still...
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Well, we went to church, then out to breakfast. We went grocery shopping afterwards and now am home for a bit before we head off to Jerry's brothers for his 40th birthday party! Work tomorrow, but it's only a 2 day work week for me, so that's better!!! Off to see my Mommy bright and early on Wednesday!!
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Have fun at the party, Suze!
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
Have fun at the party, Suze!
Thanks! At least I don't have to cook today!
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Nothing much today- John is at the gorcery store getting stuff for brunch, and then I'm giong to make egg bake
Not sure what else we'll do- probably just play with the kitties
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I had to do some touch up painting. I am on the 3rd load of laundry and have hung my quilt outside to fresh up. Made some croutons and granola.
Invited my BIl for supper after he leaves the hospitalthis afternoon. Picked up some beef tenderloin at local butcher shop (saw 18 turkies driving home) and am marinading some in teriyaki sauce. Will have to do some cleaning as he doesn't like cats very much and have lots of cat hair!! Watch the Badger/Ohio State game. That will keep me busy!!!!
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Well. I'll start with what I should be doing...

I should do some laundry.
I should do the dishes.
I should pick up and vaccum the house...
I should take Kota for a walk.

What am I doing? Nothing.
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Finals week is this week... so I should be studying and writing a term paper. Well, I should have been writing my term paper a loooong time ago.

What am I doing? Well, I'm here.
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We are going to spend money at the English shop now that it has reopened after being broken into just over a week ago.

mmmmm buttons and galaxy and schweppes lemonade
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Hmmmm, I may have to clean today when I get home..It sucks but I got nothing done yesterday. Stupid cleaning on a Sunny day.

I think I have to get groceries too..and uh...also laundry
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well after getting really peeved with my PC but now sorted thanks to Icklemiss21

its now coing up to 18.00 hrs here, so gonna get ready as we are going out for a Indian meal
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I've just put a couple of loads of washing on, and am about to start studying. I managed to procrastinate most of yesterday so need to get stuck into it today!

At the moment I'm just watching the kitties though...

Smudge is playing with her little toy springs on the tile floor, and Lily and Stumpy are sitting at the back door together near me and watching the birds - there's heaps of them twittering and flying around
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I am probably going to be lazy and hang out with the furkids. Sundays are always a lazy day for me.
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Just got back from a fantastic Indian meal at a very well reviewed vegetarian restaurant, had about four courses including two starters and pudding...

Time for a snooze
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Chilling mostly hopefully, for the rest of the evening! I've made some rocky road pie, it's now chilling in the fridge till we can eat it! Did some food shopping earlier. Possibly arguing with my fiance over what to watch on tv!
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Lots and lots of cleaning today - the woman who has bought our house is coming round this week and I wanted to make everything lovely so she doesn't change her mind!!!

Kids home from their Dad's now, so lots of washing and homework to be done this evening!!
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Washing a load of clothes, listening to a college baseball game, fixin to watch and listen to the race.
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Welllllllll ..... TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!
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Originally Posted by Quill_luv View Post
Welllllllll ..... TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Hope your day is beautiful!
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Originally Posted by Quill_luv View Post
Welllllllll ..... TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Happy birthday!!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day and get spoiled rotten!

I just ordered some food from my favourite Indian restaurant for lunch, and am heading down in a few minutes to go collect it - YUM!!!!
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I'm watching Nascar
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I am gonna watch some of the race, and just listen to some of it
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Originally Posted by Quill_luv View Post
Welllllllll ..... TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!
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Oh man the Indian food we had for lunch was FANTASTIC! We got one Butter chicken "Full dinner" which comes with pappadums, rice, garlic naan, raita and dahl, which DH and I shared (for $15!) and we still have heaps leftover for tonight!!!
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i had to work 9-2 today it was so dead i thought i was gonna go stir crazy!! came home got into shouting match with ex husbands wife on the phone. drank a beer and now im cooking ribs and hanging out with cheyenne
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I hadn't planned on doing much today, but sister called a little before noon and said her hubby had cleaned the grill and they were going to have hot dogs and hamburgers... And she made chocolate pie.

Anyway, went over for lunch - and stayed to help her with a paper on these two poems. Mom and I gave her some input and I read the poems aloud to her. I also called my best friend from college - an English major - and she gave sis some input as well. After that we watched RV and then left sis to finish her paper as it was due this evening. (She takes courses via the internet.)

I'm finally checking in to see what has been happening with my TCS buddies.
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I worked all morning I never have a weekend off After that, my niece and i had lunch, came back to the house and fed the foster kittens, then she left and i cleaned house/took some pictures of one of the foster kittens to email to her new mom and tried to vaccume. When i vaccumed, i had a dizzy spell (i have vertigo really bad- i take meds 3x a day for it) so now i'm sitting down trying to relax a bit so i can take a shower,feed the kits again and get some sleep.
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