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Argh crazy kitten!!!

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Little Smudge was being so crazy last night! I was in the kitchen getting dinner organised and I hadn't yet fed little Smudgie - can you imagine the outrage????? Since we were having people over I was going to wait until we were eating to feed her so she wouldn't disturb us!

THREE time while I was preparing dinner she leaped up onto the back of my leg, then crawled up onto my shoulder! Then she would just sit there looking over my shoulder at what I was doing! "Mum, that doesn't look like my dinner you know!"

So of course I ended up feeding her early so she'd stop tearing my leg to shreds (not to mention my jeans!). Then later in the evening I was at the pantry getting out tea bags, and she did it again!! Once she gets to my jumper she's fine, but the climbing up my leg part hurts!

What's weird is that she has never done it to DH - she just always does it with me!
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She sounds like she was hungry!
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Ouch, the climbing thing hurts. Bean does that to me ALL the time. You should see my legs, looks like I've been attacked by a mountain lion!
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I was in the kitchen this morning making some toast and am wearing shorts, then felt these little paws on the back of my legs, and claws start to sink in, and I quickly looked down her and said "DON'T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!".

And she gave me an innocent look, sat back down and rubbed against my leg
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We can't turn our backs on the kittens when we're in the kitchen either. Sure does get your attention though, doesn't it?
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Oh man she is just nuts this weekend!!!! She's just done it 3 more times - and yes - I'm still wearing shorts!!

The first time I was getting cling wrap out of the pantry and was bending over slightly, and she literally ran at me from behind and leaped onto my back.

The second time DH and I were looking at the top of the tv, and she was in front of me, so she ran behind me leaped onto my shorts, then climbed onto my shoulder and looked over my shoulder so she could see what we were looking at.

The third time I was leaning over to pick up some shoes and she leaped from the couch onto my back.

The entire time DH was around and doing similar things, but she only climbs up me - obviously she doesn't like hurting her precious daddy, but mummy's ok
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Awww She just wants your attention

She is just such a cutie!
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Awww, she wuvs you
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Awww, she wuvs you
I wish she could wuv me without using her pointy claws!!!!!

She's going to get such a shock when we Soft Claw her
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