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can u type one handed?

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I have to right now! Chloe is in my arms and so here I type, with one I dont dare make HER uncomtorable!!
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I can type with one hand, but it takes much longer. Chloe, you little princess, let meowmy use both hands.
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typing with one hand now, don't want to annoy fang,
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Hee hee - only if I'm in the same situation as you!
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All the time. I never learned how to type "properly", so it's easy to type with just one hand as long as it's my right. But Zissou likes to lay on both hands across the keyboard. Once she slept on my hands on the keyboard and I typed a paper under her. She was pretending it didn't bother her just to be stubborn.
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Yup...hate it though.

What's worse is when Luna is laying on top of my mousepad on my laptop. Whenever she moves, things get selected.
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Nope. I'm a 2 hand typer and I'm lost if I have to hen peck with anything less than 8 fingers and 2 thumbs.
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I can but I'm soooo slow at it!
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I can ONLY type one-handed - never learned keyboarding. It always freaks people out to watch me type.

I tested in at over 55 WPM with my right hand, though. Got lots of practise typing college papers way back when. I use my left hand for shift and tab, LOL!
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Well it depends on what's on my other hand...usually Elora

On the other hand ( ) my hubby is a two-fingered typer! And he's reeeeally good at it too! Speed & accuracy!

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Not any better 2 handed so I guess it wouldn't matter I'm a hunt & pecker
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Trout does not lay on me unless I give her both hands for pettin.. If I start the one handed petting/typing, she ditches me.
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Isn't that a requirement for Cat People?

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The question is not 'can you type one handed' it is 'is your one handed typing legible?'
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I've lost part of my arm to a cuddling cat right now... it takes a lot longer to type, thats for sure!
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