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Need Advice re breeding

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I have a persian boy, 11 and a half months old. Question one, how do I know if he is ready for mating? he does not spray but the breeder from where I got him,told me that he should have an oily patch in his tail which shows that he is ready. I have put him with a female but he seems afraid of her and just backs off while she hisses at him! any tips please?
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Many male persians are "late bloomers" and show no interest in the females till they are older - like a year or 2 yrs old!

Are you breeding your cats for show or pets? Do you show them? I would concentrate on showing your male and hopefully getting a grand champion before you do any breeding - same with your females
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the cat has participated only in one show. This year he is going to 2 international shows. the female is a show cat as well. thanks
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hope they continue to do well for you.

Give him time, he will start showing interest. Also it might help if he doesn't see her every day. I've heard of males that got too comfortable with a female and really didn't have interest in breeding. They would separate the female for a few weeks or so, then put her in there and he would breed.
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I left them running around the house and he showed more interest! maybe the fact that he is closed in one room with the female bothers him?
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Is she really in heat? Has any of your females been bred before? IMO he probably still is thinking "kitten" and not "tom"
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the female is on heat for sure!!its the male that im worried about! He seems afraid of her!
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I think he's probably too young. You don't want her to keep going in and out of heat. If he doesn't breed her in the next month or so (2 more heat cycles) then I'd arrange her to be bred by another male till you male shows interests.
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thanks for your kind advice
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I breed Persians.
I am still new at breeding, around 2 years.
If he is ready you will know it-he will start smelling her behind and licking it, he will grab her neck and mount her-
It may be best to put him with her when you know she is heat because if he is new at breeding and she hisses at him he may get put off and it may scare him to not want to try breeding again for a while.
Persians are known to be late bloomers. The average age for Persians to breed is 18 months but can be around 2 or 3 years old or you may get an early bird too!
I have one boy that bred his first female when he was right under a year but tried and practiced and was def. interested months prior.
Then I have another boy that is 19months old and is showing interest but nothing yet-I do hope this helps-
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thanks for your good advice, it helped. cheers
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I've had males that bred at 6 months and males that didn't until much later {my blue tabby bicolour male finally learned how to do the act last week, at almost 4 years of age--I'm so proud, lol}. Generally when they are ready, you know it--they will take a great interest in a female in heat {or any female} follow her around with his nose sniffing her rear and mounting if she lets him {sometimes even if she doesn't}. He may or may not have stud tail by this time--not all males even get stud tail.
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4 YEARS OLD???? wow - that's the oldest virgin stud I've heard of.

Lets see that would make him 32 yr old virgin in human years.....
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What do you mean by Stud tail? I dont have any hurry for him!! The important thing is that he still remains just as sweet as he is now!! he is my baby boy!! heh
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Stud tail (neuters can get it too) is a build up of more grease/oil at the base of the tail. Sometimes you get blackheads out of it.

If they get it, you have to just wash the area and keep it dry about once a week.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
4 YEARS OLD???? wow - that's the oldest virgin stud I've heard of.

Lets see that would make him 32 yr old virgin in human years.....
Our Ti Ti was 2 years old before he figured things out, but his baby boy, Koda Bear is 4 months old, and he has already figured out a few things, and I could see him trying to get his groove on within the next few weeks!! My baby boy is growing up. I know with our Ragdolls females, at least, I like to wait until they are at least 12 months of age before breeding or later.
I have never heard of any negative sides to breeding a male early, but I must say I don't feel exactly comfortable "allowing" him to breed at a young age. Can you tell me if breeding a male kitten can create problems? I also don't want his hormones to be hard on him either. Can you give me some advice, on what is best with these over eager young boys?

Thanks in advance,
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yeah he has the stud tail!!!!!!! the breeder from where i got him told me that all i have to do is wash that part, put some baby powder on it and brush it out.
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