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Remembering Charley

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It was 2 years ago today - 11th March 2005 - when we said goodbye to Charley. Things have never quite been the same since and the hole in my heart is still there. But I remember her with a smile and with many happy memories.

Miss you wee puss. Wish you were here.

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I know that sweet Charley is smiling down on you remembering your wonderful time together She will forever be a part of your heart and hold onto your soul waiting for the time you will meet again

Truly missed, Guardian Angel, Charley
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Charley is always watching over you. There will always be a special spot in your heart for charley. Anniversaries are always hard. I always burn a white candle on these anniversaries in memory of my special ones.
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aww. ... its so hard when these 'dates' come up .....hopefully those happy memories of Charley are bringing a smile to your face She is in a special place and having fun with some other special kitties
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In time i think the happy memories, are what come out.
we never forget them. I still think it is just until we meet again.
Rest in peac charley..
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I know that Charley is looking down at you from the Bridge, I hope that you feel better soon.

I don't think that we ever stop missing our pets.
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Awwww bless him, look at him as well

Charley i hope your having a wonderful time at the bridge. You were loved so much

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I too have no doubt that Charlie is watching over you.... you have a special angel
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Charley was a beauty. I sure he is looking down with all the love he had for you and then some from the Rainbow Bridge. They do stay in our hearts forever.

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Your Charley was so beautiful. Those white whiskers are just amazing!

I know that Charley is looking down on you and smiling at the memories the same as you are. Someday you will be together again.
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Awww. Thanks everyone. This week has had a much more positive start than last (losing Della, plus Charley's anniversary).

Big hugs to you all for thinking of us
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Awww Sweet are loved and missed sweet boy
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Swet Charley - you have never been forgotten by your meowmy!
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