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Ah ha? (I hope!) The new litterbox...

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I bought a $14 set of big plastic drawers from Walmart, and took the middle one out. Now I have a litterbox that Bird can see out of (and escape out of when Meggie is on the warpath ) that takes up almost no more room than the set of rolling drawers I had in the bathroom before (metal and canvas ). To clean it out, I can just slide the drawer out and set the edge on the floor. To dump the whole thing, I can roll it outside if I want to!
So far, I have noticed 3 out of 4 using it (Including Bird, who has been peeing on the rugs nonstop- urine recheck Mon. ).

Boy, am I hoping this is will work!

(Oh, btw, the drawers are clear- I airbrushed the top one in the name of modesty! )

post #2 of 21 I was reading your post, I was picturing the drawers half that size & wondering how a cat fit!

That sounds like a brilliant idea...I bet you can put things on top of the drawers as well. I might have to try that myself!
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I don't think the 4 of them would have been too thrilled with the $10 set of drawers, either !

There have been a few newspapers and a book or two up there- LOL!- but the 24 pack of tp on top made the middle sink a little, and the top drawer stuck. Back to the closet for those . DH may cut a thin board to put on top for me .

I started out with a "rubbermaid" type clear tub when I saw these. It was a 58 or 70 something qt. tub, and this bottom drawer is the same proportions as the tub, so I decided to give it a try. I realized when I got it home that it is actually bigger than the regular size litterbox I had in that bathroom .

They also had some sturdier (and more expensive ) almost square drawers that I liked, but they were too deep for the space .
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So, you still use the top drawer for your things? I was just thinking that it could be a rolling kitty litter cart....I mean, you can have the litter scoop, baggies, etc. in the top drawer & the box right there undernear! I move my litter boxes to prevent Ophelia from gaining any dominance over them, so having something like you've got here would be helpful....
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that's a great idea! i never would have thought of that.
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Brilliant! I use those for my clothes, and they are always laying on them. I bet all it would take is putting litter in them, and they would use them. I love the idea of being able to roll it around to clean it. Bending over to clean the litter boxes kills my back. Thanks for the great idea.
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great idea and what a bargain - can the cats get into it ok ?
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Now that's creative thinking. It would never have occurred to me to try that. Brilliant idea though, especially if you don't have too much space to "waste" on litterboxes as you can still use the upper drawers for your stuff.
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Thanks! It's across from the potty in our bathroom, so I use the top drawer for my "girl things" that I had in the other rolling cart there, plus a couple of rolls of tp . That thought crossed my mind too, about the kitty things (especially the scoop!), if I ever move it somewhere else .

They seem to have enough room- I do have pretty average size cats (9 -10 lbs or so ), but they seem to like being able to go in either side, and see out like in an uncovered box (which they prefer), and I can see when it is getting full, (but without having someone walk in and be looking right in the litterbox so I am remembering to clean it more often .
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Absolutely brilliant! This idea makes it possible to put a litterbox into places where you thought you didn't have room for one at all!

I humbly bow to your genius...
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It's amazing what a little desperation and prayer can come up with, isn't it?
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What a brilliant idea. Makes it so much easier than lifting & carrying the litter box around.
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You are such a smarty pants. Great use of the drawers.
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Brilliant Idea!

I use those for clothes and other things but would never have thought of that!

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Ha ha! That's cool! The cats like it and get in there okay?
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Yep, they seem to like it alot! I left the other one in there just in case, and I haven't seen any of them in it. I think that when I clean the boxes today, I'm going to move the old one...somewhere...
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How deep are the sides? Ferris is a litter kicker and I had to go to a covered, extra jumbo sized box to keep my kitchen floor from looking like a beach.

I like this idea, but I'm thinking it might not work for my two...
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They are 8'' high. I had to go measure . The old box is 9 1/2'' (the bottom pan) in the back (the highest part) and my jumbo box is 10'' high. No, it probably wouldn't work, as all 4 sides are open- mine are diggers and edge pee-ers, but not flingers . I have also had problems with mine peeing on the edge of the (covered) box, but so far, no pee on the edge. Maybe it's because it hangs into the box about an inch or so, and they bump their butts or the underside of their tails on it when they back up . That would be good...
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I really love this, it's a great idea. Don't know if it would fit in my hallway which is where I keep Misty's covered litterbox. I live in a mobile home so this might be a bit too wide, I love it tho.
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that is such a great idea! I have one of those drawer thingys in my bathroom right now. I may have to steal your idea!
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Wow I would have never thought of doing that. That's such a creative idea!
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