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Its Friday!!!

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Hello, everyone. I'm off, today and went shopping, with the best of intentions: Halloween candy and Christmas slippers for Bill. The slippers were next to the baby department, at KMart. There was the CUTEST little romper, in Dalmatian print material, with an attached hood. The hood has ears and there's a tail on the back of the romper. On the front, is a Dalmatian face applique that "barks" when pressed. I couldn't resist! The smallest size was 9-12 months but, it should fit the baby by next Halloween. I think that I'm getting the hang of this "Grandma" thing!

Mark called, last night. He and Sam may be in town, tomorrow. They want to use the Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card that I gave them. He wants to hit the Guitar Center, too. Since that's right next door, to my store, they'll stop in, to see me, too. They have an appointment, next month, for a Doppler. This will let them know if its twins or not. Sam has a lot of twins, in her family and my mother is a twin. The family is overdue for a set - Mom and I dodged that bullet! I may have to go buy another yard of fabric!

Happy Friday and have a good weekend!
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Twins!!!!!!! If I were pregnant, and found out I was pregnant with twins, I think I'd freak out. I KNOW it's wonderful (and if they want two children, you get it all done and over with with one pregnancy, but - WOW!). I can't wait to hear!!!!

We had a Doctor's for Gary, physical therapy - which he missed twice in the last week - and so we effectively had the day off. Lots of cellphone calls, but..... we didn't have to leave NJ or get up at 4:30am any way!

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

Been kind of under the weather again - looking forward to sleeping in late tomorrow.

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Ghyslaine, You know I'm fewer than 6 hours away, and you know what I told you! You are to get well before you even consider working. I mean lying down on the couch with your feet up reading. I do hope Gary's therapy helps.

Cindy, I really wanted twins! My first two were 22 months apart, so I dressed them alike for Sunday School. That was as close as I got. Boy, do I love babies. Our little Taylor is thirty miles away, so I don't get to see him often. He's up to 7 1/2 pounds now, and doing fairly well keeping down his food. His prescription was increased. It is fun to buy for the little ones, isn't it?

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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I think the subject speaks for itself.

I didn't feel nearly as bad this morning as I did yesterday morning although the aches and pains were still nagging me so I took an advil and toughed it out.

I've been hearing bad things about Brian's new boss and it's starting to worry me. I've heard that he never pays on time or tries to cheat his guys out of money. Stupid me went and said something to Brian and we got into an arguement about it and he thought I was saying all of that because I didn't want him working next to a strip club. I don't really care unless his job description turns into having to oil the girls up before a show.... Then I'll have a problem with that.

It's been a looong week and unfortunatly I still have to take Scoobnutter to dog class which I don't feel we're both up to. Although I made him promise that if he was good in class I would take him to the doggy bakery on Sunday. **shakes her head** Yep, I've lost it.....

Have a great weekend all!!
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Yep, you've lost it!! Promised, did you? And your pup will hold you to that?:laughing2 :laughing2
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What?? Your dog doesn't hold things against you? And I suppose next you're going to tell me that your cats don't own you, you own them right?
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That'll be the day, Jessica!! LOL
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Okay Jeanie, you are confused... :laughing: Ghyslaine is not the one married to Gary, Laurie is!!!! (and which one is 6 hours away?)

Twins!!! WOW!!! I thought one was alot of work!!! Keep us posted Cindy on what the verdict is!!!!

Oh, and the dalmation outfit....I want one!!! Sounds soooo cute!!!!!!

I am so glad it is Friday!!!!!!!!! Brent just brought the little pumpkin home, and she is sound asleep in her car seat!!!!!

I want Chinese food tonight!!!! I am craving it!!!!!! Maybe I can talk him into taking me out tonight for Chinese!!!!!!!
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Oh, good grief! If I had any sense I'd delete everything I wrote today, go back to bed, get up, and start all over. I know that! Laurie and Gary live in a Winnebago in N. New Jersey, are geniuses in their field, recently were honored, and belong to Rocki, formerly Boogi, and her babies. See! I did it! Ghyslaine is sick in Toronto.

G., read Laurie's post, please! You need to! (She doesn't always listen.) Laurie, you're sick too. You may still lie down and read a book! Half the time I'm so sure that I know whom I'm answering, I only glance at the name and start "gabbing." NO, come to think of it, it's all Jessica's fault for making me laugh. (Yeah, that's it; it's all her fault.)
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I hope you know I was just teasing you, Jeanie. I hope I didn't offend you at all! I love you, girl!!! I hve to go offline now, Pumpkin just woke up...very very loudly I might add.... See ya later!!!!
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Its OK, Jeanie. We understand. Just lie back and wait for the nice people, in the white coats. They'll be easy to recognize - they're carrying butterfly nets.
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Yeah Jeanie it's all Jessica's fault for- Hey wait that's me!
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