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My 2 cats are new here.

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Hi I have 2 cats Smokie he's 7 and Charlie, she's 6 months. Today she's getting surgery actually getting spayed. I can not believe how much its costing me. I'm a little nervous I sure hope she's ok. I just love these two so much. My kids are grown, 1 married with 3 children and my other daughter has 4 cats. I lost my job after 911 and I'm still searching. I guess I need some better luck. I'm excited to be here at this site.
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Hi to you and your furbabies, and welcome to the site! This place is great, the people are friendly and helpful, and overall it is quite addicting! So go ahead and jump right in. I'm looking forward to hearing more about you fur family.

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My Charlie likes to paint the mirrors ,the toilet tank and the windows. What's up with that??
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hi Smokie,

Glad you have joined us. As a native Jersey person, I am sorry to hear of your employment troubles since 9/11. Hope something turns up for you soon!
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Welcome Smokie. Good luck with the job hunt. Let us know how things are going
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G'day and welcome to the site
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I picked up my charlie from the vet Friday night and $300 later she was in such pain. I was up all night. Also my mom had a heart attack this weekend. I guess it will get better. Have a great day ! Loretta
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Loretta - phew. Things are not too good - eh?

Get chatting. There are some wonderful guys here to help you through any kind of crap you might be going through.

Good luck - tell us more about your furbabies when things calm down a bit for you.

Take care.
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Belated welcome to the site. I'm sorry things aren't going well for you right now. Even though you are new around here, there are a lot of strong shoulders here to support you if you need to vent, or if you just need an escape.
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Sorry to hear of your troubles, but WELCOME! This is a great site and you will get lots of friendly support here. Holding thumbs for all to go well for you in the future.
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