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Cat is not pooping in the litter box

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Hello everyone, I have adopted a 1 yr old ginger tabby named Samson. He is very nice and playful. However, he pees in the litter box but does not always poop in it, instead he'll go behind the TV. I don't really understand, sometimes he will poop in the litter box, sometimes he won't. We always keep it clean and have been using the same brand.
Do you have suggestions on to fix this problem?
Thank you in advance
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Hello and welcome, and congrats on your new kitty!

First off, a lot of cats simply do not like to pee and poo in the same litterbox and must have one for each activity.
Aside from that, it's probably a good idea to get him vet checked as some maladies can also cause this behavior.
Coming to mind immediately is parasites and anal gland problems.

If a second litterbox does not solve the issue, get him checked out

Good luck and keep us updated.
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Welcome to TCS, and congratulations on your new cat

I agree with Arlyn, first off whenever you bring a new cat home get a vet check, even if they have been seen by the shelter vet, you need to get them on your own vet's record books and check that everything is OK.

And agreeing with Arlyn again, get a second litter box as some cats do prefer to have seperate areas for urine and faeces. If he has chosen the spot behind the TV, then put the second box there for the time being, and once he is using it you can gradually move it to where you want it a couple of feet at a time.

Oh and if you have any photos of your new companion we would love to see them
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Thanks for the fast responses. Sam was taken to the vet and for the most part, he is fine expect for a flu that is currently being treated for. I'll look into both of your suggestions on getting another litter box. It's a good idea because his litter box is on the second floor. Right now there is some orange peel behind the TV which should distract him for now
I have some pictures of Sam. Where I post them?
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Originally Posted by friendofsam View Post
I have some pictures of Sam. Where I post them?
Fur pictures in the lounge
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FriendofSam - welcome to TCS! If you have more problems or questions, please feel free to ask.

Also, you may want to read through this thread on pooping problems: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=19767

There may be more ideas or suggestions you find helpful.

But if Samson doesn't have parasites or a medical problem (which it seems like he doesn't) I really think that given the circumstances the issue can easily be resolved with another litter box.

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Oh - quick thought. Samson doesn't know what he's doing is wrong, and if you get upset with him, he won't understand why you're upset. The best thing to do is any time you see him use the litterbox, praise him to high heaven. Cats respond really well to positive feedback.

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Hey there,

I had some trouble with my Luxor and pooping outside the litter box and I went ROUND AND ROUND trying to fix it and I think we got it:

1. got another litter box
2. got him to a vet for an exam
3. put one kind of litter in one box and another kind in the other box
4. gave him treats everytime he used the litter box, he loved it
5. finally, we put plastic down where he was going and he HATES that.

all is cured now. . . . . .:crossfingers:
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