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I have finally found a coffee I like that I can get down here.
I never realised how important good coffee was to me until I moved from Seattle, to Utah in 2003.

After years of searching, I found a roaster I like

Chrispher Bean Coffee Company out of Florida.
Apparently most Kroger owned stores carry it, but it can be ordered online directly from the roaster too.

I'm currently enjoying Jamaica Blue Mountain, Rastafari blend.
Medium roast, full flavor, and though it's not a flavored coffee, the aftertaste is somewhat fruity.

I know I'll be ordering from them, because I like Irish Creme flavored coffee to use as my espresso grind, and my local store doesn't carry it.
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Mmmmm they sound wonderful.

My favorite coffee was Kona coffee I enjoyed while in Hawaii. The "Kona" selections on the mainland this side of the US sadly do not compare. I love a hearty roast. Currently drinking in the morning: Seattle's Best Organic Breakfast Blend. The organic line by them is great but you cannot use tap water for brewing.

Do you brew with a french press?
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No, espresso machine or auto drip with a gold filter basket.
I do only use spring water though as tap water makes bitter coffee.
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I'm not into coffee but I can understand the importance of getting something you like and continually being able to get it. It seems like they stop making things I love and need sometimes.. They do it just to see me cry I think!
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