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Id Tags or Other

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Could anyone tell me what they use as ID tags and the best kind to get and where?
My Ragdoll Neko is going to be ID chipped but I want something just incase he would get out that people could see right away.
I do not want anything to large either.
Thank you

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If you're looking for a tag Lucky pet makes extra small tags that are perfect for kitties. Here's the site. Lucky Pet
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Remember to use a break-away collar

(I had Coopers name and phone number embroidered on the collar)

I found that an id tag + a bell were too much
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Thank you both for the help.
I like the idea of having his name on his collar that avoids two items hanging.
I will also check out the tags.
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I use break away collars and have a nametag and their current rabies tag on it. that's all. I was going to get them microchipped but I dont' think that the shelter here has a scanner for them so it'd be a waste of money.
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Barb, I'm with you on that. I had my dog microchipped because at the time EVERYONE was talking about it and it seemed like a really great idea(It still is don't get me wrong). Enough places do not have a scanner or they don't think to use it.... Like the local pound for example. They came across a loose dog with no ID tags so they held the dogfor the mandatory 10 days hoping someone would call about him. A few days went by and they had not heard anything.... Then someone had the great idea of scnning him in case he was chipped..... Sure enough he was and the poor dog had sat there for several days.

Even though Natala is chipped I still keep a tag on her and I don't plan on chipping any of the other guys anytime soon.
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Here in TX a pet is required to wear a rabies tag, to prove it has been vaccinated. My vets have their name and address printed on the tag, along with a unique ID number. If someone finds an animal, they can call the vet, who can then place a call to the owner. This works great and I feel safe knowing my name and address aren't floating around out there.

I've been thinking about getting my cats chipped as well. One of my cats got in a scuffle and lost his collar one night. Plus, I hear that the animal research facilities have these scanners so they can make sure no one's pet was sold to them for testing. eek.

I think a collar is best. If someone picks up a stray, they generally don't take it to get scanned. But they will call if there are tags.
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Miss Arizona has a breakaway collar and one of those little round metal tags. Even though she's indoor only, I got a collar with a bell--it lets me know what she's up to I figured if someone found her in th neighborhood, they might not think to get her scanned--I'd never heard of microchipping a pet until a year ago.
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I have to say that microchipping is wonderful. Did you know that most vets have them in their offices? I lost my mixed breed dog who happened to be chipped. And who would think that a mixed breed dog would be chipped right. Whoever picked him up took him to a vet and the vet scanned the chip and called me. His collar was missing but I still got my dog back. I will swear by the chipping.
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Wow! Microchipping? I never heard of that!! But...like it was said...I doubt the Humane Society or Animal Control would have anything like that. I did Ashley's tag at the machine you see at Walmart! lol I swear I did! It is like $3 and you can put like up to three or 4 lines on it. It does it in a matter of minutes for you and there are all kinds of shapes to choose from. She, too, has that collar that will bust if she gets tangled or whatever, but she is only outside when we are and tied up.
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Did you get the break away collar embroided? And if so where can you order them from? We have the collars that stretch, and id tags but th tag seems to annoy my one guy. It would be great to get it embroided. Thanks for the info.
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