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is she jealous?

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My ex took Kittie for a while until his new gf wouldn't let him keep her anymore at their apt. Kittie came back home.. This was a couple months ago. Before that Kittie and Lillith were always living together. Lillith has always been a little jealous of Kittie (growls at her, hisses and runs when she runs into her around a corner). Since my ex brought her back to me, this behavior has gotten a little more intense. Not to the point that theres a fight. It used to be that Lillith wouldn't growl at her all the time. Now she does it any time she sees her. To the point that Lillith won't sleep with me if Kittie is anywhere on the bed. Kittie seems to ignore her. Any advice on helping keep a peaceful home?
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Lillith was probably feeling that she had you all to her own, then Kittie came back and shes just a bit disturbed by this since obviously Kittie gets first dibs sleeping with you. Lillith needs some comforting and maybe a little favoritism to make her feel better, at the same time you have to let Kittie know you love her. It's all about making each one feel in charge, important sometimes without letting the other know
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Awww the poor dolls. How are they doing today?
Its tough, especially if you are doing this by yourself, to juggle enough attention for both of your gals but I bet once Lillith readjusts to Kittie's return, all will be peaceful again. You have three gorgeous cats!!
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I think Kittie is the dominant one but Lillith wants that spot. You need to treat them equally when they are together with you but also give more cuddles to Lillith when Kittie is not around.
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