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He meowed

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He is 3 years old, and in that entire time, Hobo Skimbleshanks has never meowed. He opens his mouth and it looks like a meow, but it comes out as a barely perceptible "aaaak".

But today, the Hobo was watching the goldfinches, and he made an honest to goodness meow...and again..and again..and again

I think he likes his new noise.
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Now you won't be able to get him to shut up.

I miss the goldfinches (didn't put the feeders out this season) but the cardinal males have been in fine voice! (And driving Aristotle crazy. )
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What a little squeaker!
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Aww he has a cute little meow!!
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Well done Hobo!!

And what a cute little meow he has too!
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awww, what a cute meow Reminds of me of Wonton, he rarely meows...
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Oh how sweet! Brought tears to my eyes!
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aww he sounds like my finnegan! he didnt meow when we first got him either and after a couple weeks he started singing in the litterbox and now he doesnt shut up!
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Aww...he's got the sweetest little meow!
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I love it when cats meow! He sounds so nice.
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It's wonderful that he found his voice! He's going to be a chatterbox now!
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