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Rosie and Sophie

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I've just had a conservatory built and the flooring and furnitures being delivered next week, but the girls love it already!! With all the trees at the bottom of the garden theres plenty of birdies for them to watch

Sophie's being a nosey neighbour already!

I can see the birdies better in here mum!

What toy shall i take out today?

Help me decide mum!

Yeah, you'll do!.

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they are such pretty girls!
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OMG I LOVE Sophie with the toys, that last one is priceless.

Sophie looks like the Nosy neighbor from BeWitched...Gladys Kravitz...not sure if you have that show there...but that's the first thing I thought of when I saw it
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yay its done - looks like the girls have given it the seal of approval thats gonna be a serious sunbathing place for them

Great photos as usual !
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Oh that's wonderful that you built the girls a coservatory. They'll get hours of enjoyment from it, though Rosie looks a little unsure in that first pic.
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Rosie looks a little annoyed you put plants on those ledges.

Really, plants in conservatory?
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Oooh I am so jealous! Living in an upstairs flat with no garden or ability to have a conservatory here, I really miss just even having a garden - and a conservatory means you can enjoy it even when the weather isn't so great!

I think they will both love the view from all those windows
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AWW! Those 2 are so beautiful!
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My boys are so jeleous Susan!! It looks like they really are enjoying it, aren't they?!
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Oh those are so cute, I would have cats all the way around they love looking out the windows, that will keep the girls busy to
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a-ha! so that's what a conservatory is! looks like the girls will really enjoy it
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Hehe conservatory, atrium, sun room, green room.
I've heard them called by all of these names.

The room is beautiful, I bet the girls, the plants and yourself will get much enjoyment from it.
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Wow Susan, your conservatory looks fantastic! The girls look like it's going to be their favorite room...and don't they look gorgeous in all that natural light!
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Your conservatory looks absolutely fantastic Susan! The girls look as beautiful as ever. -seems like forever, since I've looked at photos here though.
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Oooo! what a pretty view!

Our front porch is like that - enclosed but all windows. When its warm out we open up the door and let the cats sun themselves out there.

It's great when the birds are flying around - you'll hear the cats jump down from one sill and run to the other side and hope up to the other sill.
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