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Need some Ideas :)

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OK, So my friend is taking me to paint pottery and have dinner and I don't know what I want to paint. I have already done something in memory of my mom and a heart plaque for me and DH's marriage. I've also made Kitters a food dish with her name on it. I don't know what else to do. I have been thinking and here is all I have come up with. Another dish for Kitters (she could never have too many!) with a piece of broccoli on it since that's her favorite. Other than that all I can think is to do something with Tigger on it cuz I love Tigger, but not sure what. I already printed a cute little Tigger holding a "J" in case I do want to do him, but I really don't know. I don't have a ton of room in the house as it's the world's smallest apartment, but I have so much fun painting at the place (relieves a ton of stress). I was also thinking maybe if they have a cat figurine in there I would do one of those but there is no guarantee that they will. They always have tons of different cups, mugs, plates, bowls, plagues to hang on the wall in all shapes. (Moms was a rectangle, DH's & mine was a heart) They have tiles in all shapes and sizes, and they have some figurines. This time of year they also have eggs.

Any suggestions guys? She taking me tomorrow, so? Send me all you got for suggestions!

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Daffodils? To celebrate Spring?
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Do you enjoy house plants or flowers? Maybe a pot for plants or a vase for flowers would be nice, with Jan's daffodils or something that would coordinate with your apartment colour scheme.
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Those are good ideas guys.... Only problem with that is Kitters eats any living plant/flower we bring into the house and they have to go inside the fridge to live a normal flower life! She has even jumped onto the stove across the kitchen onto the fridge and up onto a cabinate to knock them down to eat them! She's crazed! (do I have any gift giving I need to do??? ) Not sure... but keep thinking for me guys! I could use all the help I can get! (In more ways than one! )
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My boys are like that too, so I have a lot of silk flowers around. Maybe something to put some silk flowers in. The boys love to rub their faces in them, but other than that don't try to destroy (or least stopped once they got used to them). Or you could go with your idea of another bowl for Kitters - can never have too many kitty dishes!
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I just had another thought... What do you think of a plaque for Kitters.. I was kind of thinking a heart with her face in it (though not sure how well I can do that) maybe just eyes and nose and mouth.. And a little banner, that says "Precious" "Princess" "Kitters" Here is a thing I sort of made up to trace... Do you like it?
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Oh, that's so pretty!

I'm sure you're back by now so my ideas are too late.

However, my daughter, Naomi, used to manage a pottery store like what you're talking in Houston. She made us all some wonderful stuff!

She made me a lovely trinkett box...without the its more like a bowl but a square one...its sooooo pretty! She did it in a dark, dark pink, almost magenta...and drew flower vines around it...its beautiful!

For Alex Jr she decorated a candle plate in black and white and inscribed some really 'good words' on it...its gorgeous!

For my hubby she made a coffee mug...since he's the only one who drinks coffee here. LOL!

Good luck! I hope you found something great to do over there! Please be sure & show us when you're done with it~

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Ohh I can't wait to see what you make...that banner is adorable...I love to go do that with my friend or DH...but he's way too good at it...mine looks like a 5year old did it

I've only made a bowl for Bella and a mug and a frame.
Please post pics when you get it back from being fired
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I am going actually in a little bit and I am still not sure what I am going to do, but my friend came over last night and said she was in the shop last week and they did have a cat figurine and a new cat bowl shaped like a fish... SO... I guess I will figure out what I am going to oficially do when I get there.. I will definatly post it for you guys when I get it back next week! I'm so excited! Dh is in the shower now but I wish he would hurry up so we can go... !!!!
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That's gorgeous! What a great idea!
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Ok, I went and am home... What I ended up doing, (cuz we got there later than I wanted and they didn't have a plaque big enough for the size I made my heart with Kitters) Soo... i made a little heart trinket box with Tigger on it. Pink top with a purple bottom with little orange flowers and Tigger is in his orange and black with a cream face. I also made a little square very shallow dish for Kitters with a pic of broccoli on it and the letter "B" so she can learn while she eats. It's green (like her other one) with a little blue thingy going over one edge and into the dish. It also has a few blue dots along two sides. I think she'll like it! I'll post pics when I get them back which should be about Sunday. (I'll also take pics of the other things I did before!) I'm real proud of them. BTW I had a blast today, but then again I'm real easy to please!
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That sounds so fun!!! My BF and I were talking about doing that one weekend years ago, but we totally forgot about it. I'm going to set it up soon! Can't wait.

I was going to suggest a serving platter with your favourite food or Veg. painted on it.
But, even better that you did that but for the Kitters, with broccoli and a B. How is her knowledge of the alphabet coming along??

So, I'm thinking I could do a platter with different cheeses painted on it, for cheese. Maybe, I'll paint a mouse on the edge. And a cat on the other side!
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She sure does know the sight and smell of broccoli!!! She can read really, she's just pretending not to! Can't hurt to have the "B" on there, maybe she'll pick up on it! DH thinks a I'm a flippin lunatic, but hey, that's why he married me right?
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