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This should be a happy day, but it's not

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I have some friends whose children are getting married today. I have known both sets of parents of the children who are getting married, and my daughter went to school with the groom.

Anyways this should be a happy day, but I am afraid it is not gonna be. The reason why is the grandmother of the bride died either yesterday or the day before.

I just feel so sorry for the bride, here she is gonna be married today and they are gonna bury her grandmother on Monday. Usually when someone dies down here they put them out at the funeral home the next day and then they bury them the next day. But with this wedding, they couldn't do that.

Can everyone here just send happy vibes to this couple?
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Aww that is terrible. Sending some happy thoughts and vibes to this couple that they can have a wonderful day.
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Awww! for the couple.

My DAD passed away Oct 5 2004, we had his funeral the 7th and my brother got married on the 9th. Talk about SAD! That totally sucked!!!
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Awww, that is a sad start to their life together. But knowing they have another angel looking out for them might be a good way to think about it.

{{good vibes}} for your friends, Bea.
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Oh that is so sad! My thoughts and prayers are with them!
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Lots of happy vibes for the couple and hugs for everyone
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Happy vibes to the couple, that's so sad. May her Grandma Rest in Peace
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Sending happy vibes to the young couple. What a terrible thing to happen at this time. My dad passed away Dec 19 05, the day after my cousin's 40th birthday party, which she shared with me, as mine was 4 days earlier.
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I forgot to say that the brides father died about 2 years ago too.
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Oh No, what a sad turn of events I am sending many prayers to the couple that they can try and have a joyful wedding.
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OMG - that's awful! I hope they have a happy day regardless. She would want them to do that!
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