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When when she have her kittens?

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Hi everyone! I'm new here! Well, my cat found us and had us adopt her in september. She was only 3 months at the time maybe. Well she started to go into heat. I started saving up money 2 get her spayed. But before I saved up the money she managed to get outside while I wasn't home to watch her, and got herself pregnant.

So here we are, over two months later, and she is due any minute now. ok, so on thursday around 6 pm(It is now saturday morning, close to 5 am) she lost what I thought was her mucus plug, but am now unsure after reading up a little bit more on it. It was small, kind of light at first, then started getting darker as it got older? If that makes sense. Well I've been keeping an eye on her since, She's been sleeping quite a bit, even more then usual. She's still eating, she's always had a HUGE appetite, lol, always eating since the day she came to me, so I'm not sure if she'll actually lose her appetite the way they say cats do when they r in labor. She has been having some discharge though, kind of bloody, gooey, and really not leaking, just there, coming out. Can anyone help and tell me if she sounds alright, tell me if she's close, how much longer, what to look for, etc. At times i find myslef getting anxious, then i just try to tell myself it'll happen when it's time. I just know she's close, really close, and want everything to go alright and smoothly. Ask me anything u need to get more info so u can better inform me, i'll answer as best as I can. Thank you!

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first off i want to wish for a safe delivery as it sounds like your little girl is under a year old , it can be tough on them.
have you set her up some brithing boxs? she may or may not use these.
she might want you there or she may want her privicy it depends on the cat.
everything sounds fine so far . has her milk come through ?
as long as there isnt a deep red blood a lots of it , or if it smells nasty , or pusy looking then everything should go fine , i would say withen the next 24 hours.
also welcome to TCS , its a great site for info and advise, hope you contuine to update us , and take lots of pics.
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here is a good link that you can read through , if you havnt already.
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Hi Tasha! Thanks!

Yeah I had set up a box for her about a week ago. She sleeps in it sometimes, but I don't think she'll give birth in it, hopefully she will though. She likes going under my bed. I thought she was close yesterday, she was sleeping all day and looking like she was going through something. Today she's pretty active though, running around and playing, lol, it looks kind of funny because she's so big. Well I appreciate you replying, Hopefully it'll be soon. Hopefully she'll have them today, today's my 20th birthday, and that would be a neat birthday present lol.

And yeah, I notice her feeling up with milk more yesterday, but I haven't seen any come out yet.
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happy birthday.
may i just add, before and when she has had the kittens please make sure she is not able to get back outside , she can easliy become pregnant as soon as 2 weeks after birthing . and this is not good for her atall. we here at TCS do go on about spaying and neutering ALOT lol . so please dont be offened for me saying this.
it might be better if she dosnt have them under your bed , she may come into some trouble and you wont be able to see whats happening in case you need to help.
have you been through a cats pregnancy before? if no then im not sure if you know this , but switching your cats food to kitten food now will benfit her greatly , it contains the nurshiment she needs to help with feeding her kittens and keeping her strong. and when the kittens start to ween mum will already be having kitten food , so no need to worry about any upset stomachs. PM me if you need anything , i will be happy to help with anything.
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Oh no, i'm not offended at all. and yes, I've done a lot of research in the past few weeks and know she can become pregnant again soon and I know it's not good for her. I plan on getting her spayed as soon as she is ready after her kittens are old enough. I feel bad that she got pregnant. It had always been in her nature to get out, she was an outdoor cat before she found me, and even before she started going into heat there was times she made a dash for the door when it opened, she got out once like that but came home a few hours later. So of course when she was in heat I kept a very close eye on her. I would lock her in my room with me at night. how she got out still amazes me. I live in south texas, so the weather here in always hot, not very cold at all. it was in january and my bedroom is very small and gets stuffy very easily. so I keep my window open. She somehow managed to tear at the window screen and make a hole big enough for her to get out, and i live in a second story apartment! I came home form a work and there she was, sitting in front of my front door in front of my apartment, mud on her paws and stuck on her whiskers. I was disappointed, lol. But it happened and I'm doing my best to take care of her now. I would've got her spayed before that, but I was saving the money and looking for a vet or spaying center to work with my income. None of them would though. The low cost spay clinics I found were only low cost if you were on government assistance, and of course we're not. So I got very frustrated there.......

But anywayz....

I've been feeding her kitten food since I got her, because she was only 3 months old, she's about 8, maybe 9 months now. When I found out she was pregnant I wasn't sure if I should keep giving her kitten food or not, but then I read somewhere that it's good if u do. So I kept giving her what I normally gave her and also gave her some canned adult cat food. Hopefully that was good enough.

I try to keep her away from under my bed. she just chooses to go there when she wants to be left alone. I am going to keep a close eye on her though and make sure she doesn't go there to have her babies. Thanks for all ur help! You'll probably be hearing more from me, because this is my first experience with a pregnant animal, lol, she's actually my first female cat that I've had. So i really don't know exactly what to expect, I know a little bit, but there's probably going to be some things that happen and I won't know if they're normal or not. Thank you again!
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your very welcome , this time last year i knew nothing about female cats lol. even when people know what to do we still have loads of questions , if you read annes in labour you will see that i still need help. theres always something new to learn.
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Hope all goes well, you didnt ask for this to happen and I'm proud of you that atlest you saved mone to get her fixed, alot of owners dont do it and thats why we have so many in shelters. She will propbablty give birth in a place she feels is right, you could move the box under the bed or at the very lest put some towels under your bed and let nature take its course. What food do you feed her? Try finding good brands at Queens(name of breeding or female pregnany cat) need to eat kitten food when they are expecting or raisimng a litter. low cost spay and neuter areas are avable if you know where to look.
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Some babies may be still born or deformed in a cat so young, Did you give us her age? she sounds like the equvlent of a preteen girl having a baby
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thanks pantherpride, yeah. she's about 9 months, and i've been feeding her kitten food the whole time.

Yeah, I'm kind of scared for her because she's so young. I just really hope everything goes alright.
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So do I. I've heard from my dad that female cats as pets are differnt then male cats behavior wise because of their hormones, I assume that's not an issue if there spayed. Anyone here notice a difference between fixed male/female cats as far as being pets?

Anyway back to the subject of your new litter. Hope all goes well, What color is the momma? Alot of the kits will take after her I'm sure. The qualities you get in breeding cats come not from the Tom but the Queen. You want to keep the babies with the mom as long as possible this gives them the socalzation they need to become happy well ajusted pets. 12 to 14 weeks would be ideal, also you will probably have to spay and neuter the babies as well unless a friend can help you out. I would if you can go to the vet and see how many she's carrying. As this cat is so young you will probably have something bad happen, hopefully not though If by chance your cat gets out again and gets pregnent again before you can fix her feel free to continue on with your plan of spaying her its hard on young cats to have more then one litter and abortion would be prefable to having her die.
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Originally Posted by Panther pride View Post
So do I. I've heard from my dad that female cats as pets are differnt then male cats behavior wise because of their hormones, I assume that's not an issue if there spayed. Anyone here notice a difference between fixed male/female cats as far as being pets?
yes most of the time you do notice a difference. with males they dont tend to be out doors as much or as boystrois towards the other cats. they also can be so much more loving as well as less chance of getting cancer.
female cats will be so much better of as they will not contuinlessy go in and out of heat or call as some put it.also less risk pf cancer and UTI's
. and they wont always try to escape the house to mate . there are deffent benfits for spay neuter to be done not only to help with the over pouplation of cats but also with health reasons and if a cat wonders it can get lost hit by a car and so many other things like desies.
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is it possible that she was starting to go into premature labor and then it ended? i did think it was a little early, maybe 4 days to a week early for her to have them. she hasn't been showing any signs of labor, at all. she's just been eating, sleeping, and laying around. so, anyone know why that would happen? there's not even any more discharge. i still feel the babies moving around.
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my anne had discharge on the 1st of march, she didnt have them untill the 10th march. she was due on the 8th march , so i was worried aswell. see how she goes , if she looks very stressed or you get worried at any point give your vets a call.
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