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My Poor Cat

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I have a big fat friendly neutered tom cat. He is a really nice, happy cat, no trouble at all and clean as a pin. However, he's had a bit of a rough time of it lately. We went on holiday, so he went to the kennels, then I went away for a couple of weeks and he missed his mum! Then we moved house.

We have been keeping him in, and after a few days of sulking he is now fine in his new surroundings, back to his happy self. Then we let him out, and that's when the trouble started. There is another cat in the neighbourhood, who in itself is friendly, will let you stroke it, etc, but is obviously very territorial. Every time my cat goes outside, he comes face to face with a small black ball of hissing spitting cat. Not being very brave, he makes a run for home, but being so big it takes him a minute or two to wriggle through the cat flap, and has lost a bit of fur to the other one on several occasions.
Our cat is probably 3 times the size of the little black one.

The cat flap is a magnetic one, which stops other cats getting in, but this black one will actually sit on the other side of the flap with his head in the hole, hissing at ours through the see-through door. He will also, if the front door is open, chase our cat into the house and up the stairs. All ours wants to do is to go out and have a scratch around in the garden, but the other one won't let him.

Our cat just looks so sad, and he has definitely become more clingy, but we are giving him lots of love. He is such a nice cat too. I have tried shooing the other cat away, but it is relentless, sometimes following me back up the stairs. There are other cats around, and it seems to tolerate those OK. Does anyone know of anything I can do to stop this cat terrorising mine?


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Hi Welcome to TCS

I'm sure your boy will soon find his place in the local cat hierarchy, when you scoop his litter box I would spread it in the garden, so the the other cats get used to his scent and know that it is his space.
What is his name? and we like photos here
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
I'm sure your boy will soon find his place in the local cat hierarchy, when you scoop his litter box I would spread it in the garden, so the the other cats get used to his scent and know that it is his space.
Wow! What great thinking! I never would've thought of that, but let me just add my agreement that it's a wise idea...

The only thing that I could think of was to suggest you fence/net your yard so that your cat can have it all to himself. We have a neighbour that did that and she has 5 beautiful cats that sun themselves and climb trees... all in the safety of their own yard. Of course that solution isn't the best for everyone!

Maybe try the poop thing before you start fencing.
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Hi I know how worring that can be. We recently had an un-neutered male coming around - causing havoc and leaving a wonderful smell as well We tried to locate the owners at 1st, but without success. Anyway we also did the 'throwing of used cat-lit' around our garden - our non-cat neighbours must have thought we were doing some weird ritual
I also think you do need to persist with the shooing thing as well. As soon as I saw our prowler I opened the door, clapped as loud as possible and shouted shoo, again really freaking our neighbours Also if your cat is getting a bit nervous maybe you could join him on his outdoor ventures, that will help his confidence too Alll these things helped our problem. I dont say we dont see him anymore but he certainly stops looking through our cat-flap
Anakat is right your cat will find his place in time.
Keep us posted !
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Wow, that little black cat sounds fierce! Do you know if it has a home or is a stray? You mentioned that you recently moved, could there be the small possibility that the little one was left by the previous owners?

If you toss the used litter out don't toss in it a veggie garden, that's rather unhealthy.
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Many thanks to those who replied - I thought you would like an update.

I tried the litter sprinkling thing - not sure if it has done any good, but I am comforted by the fact that it's probably driving the other cat mad!!

Anyway, yesterday, we had a breakthrough. By the way, the cat's name is "Cat", although he answers to Puss!!!

He followed me down the stairs and outside, only to be confronted by the little black cat. He turned and made a break for the house, only to be chased. About halfway up the stairs, he obviously thought "I've had enough of this", and turned to face the other one. 20 minutes of hissing, spitting and growling followed, although no actual fighting. Cat stood his ground, and eventually the little black one backed away and wandered off. Cat strolled inside like nothing had happened.

Little black cat has been a little wary since. This afternoon, I noticed Cat had ousted the black one from her favourite spot under the bushes, and was sitting there basking in the sun whilst she sat and watched!

I have posted a couple of photos of Cat at the link below - hope this works.


Thanks again for all your help.

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He is so handsome And he sure likes to expose himself doesnt he
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Originally Posted by Sicycat View Post
He is so handsome And he sure likes to expose himself doesnt he
Glad he is happier now.
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He sure does like exposing himself! those photos are hilarious!
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Cat Exposed - Neutered Male Gone Wild!

Sorry to tease. He's such a sweet boy! I'm very happy to hear that he's showing that naughty black cat who's the boss around there and that he's claimed the prime sunbathing spots for himself. Go, Cat, go!
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