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Cats Ganging Up on One Cat

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So, those of you with multiple cats - do you have cats that gang up on one cat - or do they all just sort of fight amongst themselves? Here, it seems like everyone picks on Elsa. My poor sweet feral baby. Now we're getting a fifth cat, and I'm hoping that Elsa or Nadette will befriend him...
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Everyone here picks on Shadow.
I've watched the whole scene, seems as though Shadow is always issuing challenges with his eyes and body language.
No one is getting hurt and Shadow is not a pariah after two years of this.
Truth be told, Shadow is a whiney complainer of a cat, and I honestly think he eggs them on in an effort to garner sympathy.

Your new baby is deaf, I've always been amazed at animals' ability to sense differences in others of their species and be accomodating towards them.

The boys all defer to to Ivory here, even though she is second to lowest on the totem pole.
Trouble, who is dominant, mothers her
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A while back, we had three cats. One cat, however, was much older then the other cat and was de-clawed. The other cats were younger and had claws. So, they ganged up and her all the time because they knew she couldn't do much about it! It was annoying and I felt bad for her! They soon learned to be friends though!
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yes, I had two cats who had been together their entire lives, brought in a third rescue and she was so mean to my old female that she finally ran away from home! I thought they would get their "pecking order" figured out on their own, but the new female would instigate and the old male followed suit. Incidentally, all are neutered. I have not stopped feeling guilty about my old girl running off. It's caused me not to take in any more strays, for fear it will happen again should I bring anything else here. She was 10 when she left us, husband says maybe she died, but I know the other two were so mean to her that she couldn't bear it anymore.
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fortunately I don't have that problem, everyone picks on someone different, although Gaia picks on everybody hope Elsa finds a friend in your newbie!
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