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This site is evil!

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Ok, about an hour ago (9pm), I started making some soup. (yeah, I know I'm weird, but I like to cook late at night sometimes)

I had to get away after chopping the onions (my eyes hurt!) so I turned on the computer... and an hour later, I just realized that I forgot about my soup!
Most of that hour was spent on TCS. You evil people! What do you have against my mushroom soup?? It's a conspiracy... I'm sure of it

Now if I go finish my soup, it wont have time to cool down before I go to bed.
Maybe I'll just chop the veggies and make the soup tomorow.
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It's like coming out of a trance!
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Been there more times than I care to tell my hubby about!

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I need to get a new box of tissue (to keep by the computer) but I keep reading and posting!
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I've burned my fair share of dinners while forgetting about them on TCS
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Yup, the time just seems to go by so fast when you're on this "evil" site.
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I can relate, having Autism means I drift off into tances even while waiting on the bus to reach TTI. I've burned meals and almost started fires by leaving the burner on, luckly no fires but still.... http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...laughing02.gif. Think its deeper then having a disabilty though most people myself included have a very difficult time thinking about needs vs wants and sometimes we loose sight of what has to be done. I think its one of the reasons, that and he's lazy, why mordern man likes to have things so easily avavle to him, though in reality we are losing more fereedom/health then we gain in the long run. Think mcdonalds/burger king,ect.
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