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Pictures Of Layla And Her Babies...

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Ok ppl pix r here at last!!! 1st, heres a few 2 show u how much of a BIG whale / seal / fat - like creature she became in the end LOLL....


This is where she decided she would have the her bed! this is just after the family was completed with no.4...

I even took solo close up shots of each baby 4 all u here they r:

Kitten no 1 - Think its a silver mackarel tabby and think its a boy!

2nd born... Classic brown tabby boy with white belly / paws / bib. hes the loudest n biggest he will b the naughty 1! (looks just like 1 of the toms she mated with)

3rd baby my favourite....think its a lil boy - otherwise jus a clone of his mum:

Last but not least the lil tuxedo n only girl of the exact copy of her dad even the white on one side of the face...! (the other boyfriend of Layla...think she had 2 on d go LOL)

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Oh Congrats!! They are beautiful and healthy looking. You are going to have so much fun with them.
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Awww how precious they all are!! I like the little white guy too. Mom seems very happy and they all look so healhy. I can't wait to see more shots of this little family!!
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They are sooo cute!!
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awww they are cute. I'm not sure tho about the "silver" - maybe Nial can verify if its silver. IMO it looks like a brown tabby (2 brownies).

What color is dad?
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OH MY HEART look at those sweet babies and that beautiful momma
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Thanx 4 ur comments guys....theyre doing so well at the moment bless them. Im pretty sure i got the sexes right now after checking again - so 3 boys n a girl! The 2nd born tabby boy is SO noisy!!! he makes so much noise when she leaves the nest n poor layla leaves her food n goes running back!! the others are all pretty quiet but the whte boy has definately caught up as he was born the smallest but now hes caught up. Probably cos he's always fighting with the others and hitting them and hijacking their nipples!!! Its so cute 2 watch theyre lil fights they scream so loud 4 tiny little things that they r.

He's really active aswell the other 2 are abit lazy just lie there asleep when not feeding lol. And Layla is being amazing....such a devoted mum its a miracle 2 watch it it really is. She loves them and is so happy. she hardly comes out of the nest 2 eat or drink so i put the food in the nest with her so she can eat while she nurses them!

bit concerned that she doesnt seem 2 hav peed in her litter tray since the birth...and shes indoors. Is this jus because she isnt drinking much water and is also losing hydration thru milk so maybe her body is jus conserving moisture??
ideas ne1??
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i was gonna say about the food in the nest but you are already doing that. anne is the same she hasnt been to her tray atall yet, but she id use it ALOT just before she gave birth. our tabby one is very nosiy and active the black one just sleeps and nurses.
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Oh my gosh look at the tiny little baby feet!!!!

They are gorgeous - well done Layla!!!
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Oh my! Look at those sweet babies.
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OMG they are so adorable and look at the twin to mom she is white also. So cute.
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What lovely kittens! Glad to hear her litter arrived safely, and healthily! Congrats!
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just updating all the kittens are doing v well...growing so fast theyre 4 days old now! and nearly double the size! as 4 the 'silver' tabby i dont know if it is silver...but looks it atm. does ne1 know if its possible 2 get a silver if the parents are not silver?
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aww those are some cute babies! the white one reminds me of stewie when I got him at two weeks....this lil ole white squeeky thing..hardly had his eyes open...aww so precious!
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aww!! I will take the girl!!! they are so cute cant wait to see more pics and watch them grow, are you going to keep them?
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Awww, they are so precious!!
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They are so cute! Nice pictures of each baby
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Do we have 5 day old pictures
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The mommy and babies are just beautiful!
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we will have more pics very soon....i will post another thread. no i wont b keeping them but i might keep 1 it depends how attached i end up getting lol! my brother is having the white guy
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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....she is so cute. She reminds me of my cat "Evita" who sadly disappeared a few months ago. Anyways, your cat is beautiful and she looks really happy alongside her kittens.
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