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Hi! My name is Michele and my friend Rene has been bugging me to finally post so here I am. I have 16 cats and 3 dogs. Well officially two but I am working on my husband to keep my lastest "foster" dog. I work with Rene in her rescue organization and I foster puppies and dogs. My current dog AJ is a abused pit bull cross. He was beaten and actually burned. He still has scars on his back. Rene and I think he was beaten and burned to make him mean. AJ does not have a mean bone in his body so he was dropped off at the pound. I have fallen madly in love with him and I can not give him up. Most of my cats are rescues too. I do have three Maine Coons but the rest have been adopted. I have a 10 year old Rag Doll that I just rescued. She is the greatest. My lastest rescue Colby has cancer and diabetes but he is the greatest cat too. Thankfully right now he does not need insulin he just has special food. I will always do whatever it takes to keep him heathly along with all of my other babies. I am also friend with Sandie and Donna who also post here. We all enjoy going to cat shows together. I have been reading the posts for a while now and I really enjoy this site. I look forward to making new friends here.
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Welcome Michele! all your babies sound adorable. can't wait to see pictures of them.
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Its about time Michele! I figured you would lurk in the shadows forever. You can always have Babe back..LOL. You know I would never give him up. I am assuming you are back from your trip..I hope you had a blast!!!
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Welcome Michele,this is a really great site. You make me feel better about our animal situation. We only have 11 cats and one dog.
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Welcome Michele

it's nice to have you here, i hope you stay and post often
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It's about time you actually posted - hope you will lend your expertise on cats to the many new cat owners who have questions on this site!

Also, I want everyone to know that the reason Michele finally posted was because she was so taken by the outpouring of prayers and good wishes from all the people on this site on behalf of my beloved Phoebe. Michele felt that all of you obviously care about what happens to Phoebe and we have never met. But we who have been on the site for awhile also know that we care about Katerina's wonderful friend - about MeowMan's baby who was in the hospital, about hissy and all her rescues and all the other wonderful people who give their cats (and dogs) the best possible homes. All of us have become friends and if we ever meet (we are all coming to Tampa in September, Meow Man), we know we will be friends.

For instance, not only was it fun to meet Tiggytoes at our Southington show, but she has helped to place one of my older rescue cats! How small our world is!

So Michele - the next step is to convince Sandie to come over and take pictures of all your cats and post them on the site - Mine are posted but I haven't yet written their bios - I promise to start doing that next week after the cat show (Tiggy - we have a big cat show and adoption day at the Hartford Expo Center this weekend)
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Welcome Michele! I'm really glad you joined us and I do hope to see you posting often.
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Thanks to everyone for the wonderful welcome! And yes Sandie I had a fantastic time in the Bahamas. It was hard to come back. The weather was beautiful. But back to reality!
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Hello and welcome! I'm happy to meet you! You're doing great work in helping rejected animals find loving homes. I hope you'll keep us posted on such developments. Best wishes to you and your feline friends!

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