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Photobucket problems?

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I've been trying for HOURS today to get some pics uploaded of Harley. It takes forever- and then it tells me there's an error and I'll have to start over again. It does this no matter how many pictures I try to upload. I've tried just doing 1, or 5, or 20!
Anyone else having issues with it today?
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I haven't had any problems, but could your account be full?
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I'm not sure? I have SO many pics of the boys... I know I have about 550 pics of Harley in his album, and about 200 of Davidson Not counting the millions of me and my family.
It doesn't say my account is full tho?
I made a new, seperate album for Harley, but that didn't seem to help either
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Kenzie...what sizes are you trying to upload on there? Sometimes, when I try to upload the reeeeally large sizes, it takes much longer...especially if I'm uploading like 5 or more at a time. I usually do no more than 5 at a time nowadays. Sometimes, if I just do 1 at a time, it goes by soooo quickly!

Sorry you're having such problems. Do you have one of those paid accounts over there or do you just have the free ones like I do?

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Kenz i had the same problem with mine the other day. I had over 900 pics in and Karen told me to delete some and try uploading again which i did and it worked
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You can go to account options (top right) and it will tell you how much space you have left

It is definitely having some issues though, yesterday I couldn't get on to one of the accounts I use and also couldn't access pics someone posted in the sig thread but could get on my own and both other accounts worked fine later that day
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