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Thank you all who have replied!! Lilly goes to the vet on Wednesday for her big surgery day. We'll have the results 5-7 days after the biopsy. Please contune to keep her in your thoughts a prayers.
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just checking in

still lots of positive (*(*(*(*( vibes )*)*)*)*) whizzing over for Lilly tests
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I just saw this thread, Lily will be in my thoughts and prayers, also sending {{{{{healthy}}}}} vibes.
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Well last night was a comedy of errors in our house. I was cooking dinner, my husband was trying to go out for his boys night, and it was time to give Lilly her meds. So we run around in circles trying to corner Lilly. Finally we do and as soon as I pick her up the smoke alarm in our house goes off. So we go take care of that. I go to pick up Lilly again. Again we are about to feed her meds when my cell phone starts ringing AND the smoke alarm goes off again. Time three we get her the smoke alarm starts for the third time. That time Lilly bit me and ran away.

I decided she had been traumatized enough for one night so I decided to try the meds in her food and see how she reacted. Turns out she didn't even notice. She just dove into her dish and ate it all! Did the same this morning with food and meds and she ate again!

The poor thing has lost so much weight she's probably starving. So maybe the taste is kinda irrelevant to her at this point.

That is all for now she's still my sweet baby girl giving her me headbutts and sleeping by my pillow at night. Tomorrow is biopsy day. I'll be sure to give an update on how all that goes.
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Poor Lilly! I am glad the blood tests were good and hoping the biopsy will be good news as well.

Lots of get well wishes for the sweet girl.
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Sending "NO CANCER" vibes your way!
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Poor Lilly! Sending all the positive vibes I can muster that things turn out ok for your dear girl.
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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for you and for Lily, be sure to keep us posted on how things are going.

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Today is surgery day. Man was I a mess after dropping Lilly off. You'd think dropping her off today I was never going to see her again. I was in tears as soon as I got back to my car.

I am just worried about the results I suppose. I got Lilly into her carrier easier that I ever have before so that was a relief. She was crying all the way to the vet though. My favorite vet tech took her from me this morning so I know she is in good hands.

I'll get phone call between 12 - 3. My cell phone is on my desk ready and waiting. More to come this afternoon. Thanks to all who are giving vibes and listening. I don't know what I'd do without the TCS community.

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Awww. Poor Lilly and poor you. Will be thinking of you both and hoping everything is ok.
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I hope you hear good news today.
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Lilly girl got through surgery and I go to pick her up in 30 min

We won't know much about the biopsy until next week so everyone keep sending those benign biopsy vibes!!!

They did pull a number of teeth today so I am hoping that was the biggest of our problems and the reason for her losing so much weight and not eating.

Only time will tell.
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I just read through the thread, and I am so glad that Lilly's surgery went well. I bet she will be thrilled to be back home again (and hopefully she will feeling a little better already).

Fingers and paws crossed here for a good biopsy result, too.
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Good news that she's through surgery fine, and here's good vibes that the news next week is good as well.
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It's good to hear that Lilly's surgery went well. I hope the extractions will help her ability to eat. Hugs to both of you and quick recovery vibes to Lilly.
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Love and healing light to darlin' Lily! Let the news be good...
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Well I don't have time for a long update since I am at work but Lilly is home and is resting a whole lot. I am not too positive about the results anymore. I met with the vet tech yesterday who went over the surgery with me. They said the mass was quite large, infected, and could not all be removed. The vet thinks it is likely to come back. Now its just awaiting the results of the biopsy. My stomach feels like its tied in about 1,000 knots. I just can't stand seeing her probably in so much pain.

The vets encuoraged us to feed Lilly whatever she'll eat. They were concerned she may stop eating all together because of the anethesia and surgery. However, within 30 min of coming home she ate a 1/4 can of soft food. Then about 2 hours later she was meowing again for food and ate another 1/4 can. At her normal 9:00pm dinner time she ate dinner with her sister and polished off the rest of the can.

So eating is not an issue as long as its soft food. I hope that's at least a little of a good sign. Brendan (hubby) and I were talking about what we'll do if we have to put her down. I hate thinking that way - but the vet's words yesterday were not so encouraging.

Will keep everyone posted on her progress and the biopsy results when they are here.
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Well the news came back today. I had my grief time this past weekend. I knew deep down my poor girl was sick - very sick. Lilly has Malignant Melanoma. She may not make it to the end of the week. We have her 'checkup appointment' on Monday. We're going to try to make it till then, but who knows.

The vet said she was such a sweet girl and a fighter. She said so many other cats she's seen with the same thing would've already given up.

I love my Lilly girl but I don't want to keep seeing her in so much pain. I know she's on to bigger, better, happier places soon.
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I never seem to have the right thing to say at a moment like this. You and Lilly are in my thoughts.
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I am so very sorry, it's not the news I hoped to hear from you. Keeping you and Lily in my thoughts and prayers.
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oh my, I was so sorry and upset to read the latest my warmest thoughts are with you and sweet Lilly, hopefully as the vet tech said shes a strong one and can fight through this
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You and your sweet baby are in my thoughts and prayers...
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Oh I`m so sorry to hear your news. You must be devastated.
You have one very brave kitty there. I hope you can enjoy a bit more time together. You`re both in my thoughts
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Sending healing vibes your and Lilly s way
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I am so very sorry; I wish there was more I could say to help you thru this. Cherish every minute you have with your sweet girl. Sending (((big hugs))) to you, and positive vibes to dear Lilly.
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I am so sorry about your sweet girl Lily
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Loving thoughts and prayers for you and Lilly. I am so awful sorry.
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you and lilly are in my thoughts and prayers tonight...
much love,
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I'm so sorry to hear the news about your sweet Lilly. Healing thoughts are on their way, and I'll keep her in my prayers.
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Lilly and I had a good night last night. She slept next to my pillow and purred as I cried to sleep. She looked at me with her sad eyes and I knew we couldn't do this any longer. We go to the vet at 6:30pm to say goodbye. I'll post something in the Crossing the Bridge Forum this evening. Thanks for all your support, healing vibes and prayers. I know my hubby and I are doing the right thing by not letting her suffer any longer.
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