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Job interview on monday

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I am so excited about the interview. I have been looking for a job in this field since I moved to Texas cuz it is what I did in Oregon.
It is working with kids and teens with developmental and behavioral disablities. I miss working in a facility like this so much. It is such a rewarding job. So if you can send me some of that TCS vibes that work so well so I can get this job on monday.
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Here's hoping that everything goes very well for you on Monday. Sending you all the "hope you get the job" vibes that we can! Good luck.
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and lots of {{{{{get the job vibes}}}}} coming your way. Good Luck!!!
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Awesome! Sending all sorts of good thoughts your way! Hope it works out for you!

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Tons of get the job vibes headed your way!!
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Sending lots of vibes to you!!!
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(((GET THE JOB))) vibes for you!! And keeping fingers crossed.
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Thank you everyone for the vibes
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Good luck!!
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Oh, I really hope you get the job! Lots of vibes heading your way!
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Sending many many vibes for you that it goes well{{{{{{}}}}}
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