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kitty litter

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I'm not sure if this topic belongs here but I couldn't find a better place. I have 2 cats about a year old, probably more. I am in desperate need of a good smelling, clumping litter. We tried several including the sWheat brand which was the best clumping with no dust but the smell was God awful and I cleaned 2x a day. We loved it because there was absolutly no dust. What does everyone else use that clumps well, smells good (even with poo) and not that much dust?
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Worlds best does a good job... my first question is what are you feeding them>>

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The litters that "smell good" aren't necessarily the best for your babies. I use World's Best (as Sharky mentions) and there is no smell...UNLESS I am there when they go poo. If I return home from being gone all day and there is some poo in there, I do not smell it.

It has no dust and smells like corn.

I like it a lot. And they even sell an extra strength litter, but with only two cats, I don't need it and I don't think you should. Unless they're poos are super smelly, which goes back to Sharky's question of what you are feeding them.
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Since you like the sWheat brand's clumping action so much, try putting baking soda in the litter to absorb the odor.
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I use Swheat mixed with Arm & Hammer High Performance. The Swheat for the clumps & the A&H for the smell.
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I am feeding them a bowl of dry food and an 1/8 of wet per day per cat. I cannot remember the name of each. We tried using swheat with some crystals that were supposed to take of the odor but it didn't work. So we moved onto another brand of litter. I would say that their poo/pee doesn't stink up the place, its the reaction to the Swheat that did it. I will have to look into World's best.
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